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Instructor Training Courses


Hunter Safety Courses

It makes no difference if you want to learn more about hunting, or if you have been hunting for years, you will find taking a free hunter safety class to be interesting and rewarding. Not only does hunter safety training decrease hunting accidents and fatalities, but it also increases compliance with hunting laws, improves ethics and enhances the image of hunters, especially with the non-hunting public. The course is so popular that 93 percent of non-hunters and 89 percent of active hunters, support safety training as a requirement for accessing the privilege to hunt. So join us by signing up for a course at MyFWC.com/huntersafety or by contacting your regional hunter safety office at (850) 413-0085. Everyone born on or after June 1, 1975 must pass an approved hunter safety course before purchasing a Florida Hunting License. The course is structured for students between the ages of 12 and 16. Students are encouraged to take the course before turning 16 and to avoid the fall rush by completing the course in the spring or summer. Florida’s hunter safety course is accepted by all states requiring safe hunter certification. The FWC also offers a Bowhunter Safety Course for residents desiring to hunt in a state requiring bowhunter education certification. To learn more about these and other programs, visit us at MyFWC.com/huntersafety.

Youth Hunter Education Challenge

Do you enjoy the outdoors and the shooting sports?
If so, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offers some great opportunities to enhance your skills and learn more about hunting methods and game species with youth your own age. 
YHEC is a program offered exclusively for youth up to 18 years of age who have successfully completed a hunter safety course. The program provides participants with a unique opportunity to test their skills at a variety of hunting techniques. From firing at life-sized game targets with a rifle, bow and muzzleloader to participating in wildlife identification and a map and compass course, participants walk away with a new understanding, appreciation and respect for the sport.
The real “challenge” focuses on personal improvement. However, participants are scored and ranked in all YHEC events. Top-ranked individuals and teams are encouraged to participate in the regional and state competitions, with the top-ranked team from Florida participating in the NRA’s International YHEC event.
The YHEC consists of seven skill areas:
> Rifle and Muzzleloading Challenge – Incorporate firing at life-sized game targets at various distances where only hits in vital areas are scored.
> Shotgun – Provides shooting at a 5-stand sporting clay course that simulates different bird hunting situations.
> Archery – Designed as a walk-through field course where participants fire at life-sized 3-D game targets at various distances.
> Orienteering – Serves as a map-and-compass course that applies orienteering skills useful to every outdoorsman.
> Wildlife Identification – Tests participant’s ability to identify game animals by tracks, bones, hides, feathers and wildlife signs.
> Hunter Safety Trail – Presents actual field conditions testing safety and legal issues requiring participants to make responsible, educated decisions.
> Hunter Responsibility Exam – Tests safety, ethics and advanced hunter knowledge.
Interested youth, from the ages of 12 to 18, are encouraged to sign up and participate  throughout the year.
Parental permission and advance registration is required to participate.


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