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Beau Turner

Volunteers make it happen!
If you love working with kids and also have a love for the outdoors, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Volunteers help with large events, oversee weekend programs, or assist by sharing their knowledge of how to enjoy many outdoor activities.Your level of service depends on the time and commitment you are willing to invest. It makes no difference if you want to work a day or two a year or a day or two a week, we have an opportunity for you to help at the Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center. 
Get Started
The excitement of becoming a part of the team of dedicated volunteers at the Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center all starts with a volunteer orientation. These sessions are offered four times a year. They are designed to give you: 1) an understanding of the goals and objectives we what to achieve in training the next generation of responsible conservationists, 2) an overview of the safety policies and operational procedures, 3) a tour of all the facilities used at the center and 3) an introduction to the programs the Center offers youth. 
After attending the volunteer orientation and passing a background check, you are an Occasional Service Volunteer, authorized to assist in special events and assist Volunteer Program Coordinators with the delivery of our outdoor programs. After finding a program or programs that you enjoy the most, you can continue helping youth with hands-on learning experiences while at the same time continuing your training to become a Regular Service Volunteer and a Volunteer Program Coordinator. 
Begin your commitment to help introduce children to the great outdoors simply by attending our quarterly volunteer meeting. These meetings are free and open to the public. All meetings are held in the main pavilion on Saturdays. You may also contact Pam Roberts, at 843-908-0007, or pam.roberts@tedturner.com.
Upcoming Volunteer Meetings