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When it's the cycling session, the need to maintain your bike properly and clean becomes a priority. This session leads to messing up your bike. The pedals are a vital part of your bike and you need to take extreme care to keep them functional. Therefore, it's extremely important to take care of it through proper and timely maintenance. As part of this, you need to get it lubricated when required. Choosing quality bike pedal grease will be of great help. You need to take care of regular maintenance. Inspect the spokes, bearing surface, cables derailleurs and get them serviced regularly.

As you keep on using the bike, wear and tear is going to be more. If you're serious and really want to take care of your bike, use good grade grease for lubrication.

What affects your bike pedals?

The pedals become affected with mud, moisture, loose gravel covering the whole part. This makes it challenging for you to work on it.

First, you need to clean up all the mud, dirt and gravel and then apply the right sort of lubricant.

What kind of grease is ideal for bike pedals?

There are different sorts of grease for different. Each of them serves a different purpose. Maybe you come across the view that you must use particular grease, you fail to maintain your bike properly. Likewise, there are quite a few viewpoints about bike pedal grease. It might, therefore, be challenging to decide which product suits your bike best. But the reality is that you don't have to use a particular sort of grease.

If you consider these points, you can know why you should use the proper grade grease for your bike pedals.

Type of pedals

While choosing good bike pedal grease, decide according to if your bike is meant for professional riding or for recreational purposes. In the latter, you need to have flat pedals that are easy to get on and off.

Clipless pedals are more efficient and deliver more control. With your shoes, you can transmit power when pulling up and down. Flat pedals entail more maintenance as compared to clipless pedals.

Grease temperature

This attribute is common while choosing the grease. You can make a question on grease temperature - if it can work in high-temperature environments.

However, note that your bike may seldom be subject to high-temperature situations.

High-temperature in this context refers to the pretty high-temperature. Therefore, the temperature may not be that important while choosing grease for your bike pedals.

Consider thread-locking lubricant

The thread locking lubricant ensures bolts do not loose easily. Parts like the pedals are important places where you can use a thread-locking lubricant to prevent bolts from coming out as you ride the bike.

A pro tip is when you lubricate several parts of your bike in one go, remember the sequence you do it. Clean the excess oil in the same sequence. This will help you ensure better absorption of the lubricant by allowing more time for absorption.

Best pedal grease

We will now review here two products, namely Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1 and ProGold EPX Grease.

Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1

Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1 is specially formulated for maintenance and repair of bikes. It's poly-urea based and has a very high shear strength. According to the research by a statutory organization, it's been found that polyurea greases are the best grade lubricants for ball bearings. This is because these greases help protect important parts of your bike like the pedals even under extreme weather and riding conditions.

Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1 keeps moisture away. Further, it can work along with other standard classes of grease.

You can also use Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1 for hydraulic shock seals and elastomer forks.

This lubricant is a thick bluish-green paste and is best for bearings. This is because the lubricant is thick such that it can hold bearings in place. Even if you use it for small bearings, it works extremely well.

It's available in two sizes - 4 oz and 16 oz and the price is competitive.

When you buy one tube of Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1, it will suffice ten bikes. Thus, if you've only one bike, you can use it as many as 10 times.

If you're planning for scheduled maintenance of your bike without taking the help of professional bike mechanic, Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1 will help you. It’s easy to use it.

It will obviate the need to take your bike to a mechanic.

ProGold EPX Grease

ProGold EPX Grease is great for mitigating friction and wear-out conditions. It's ideal for metal-to-application.

It's a high melting temperature and comes with corrosion and rust inhibitors. This makes it deliver exceptional performance under extreme driving conditions.

The bike pedal grease can work together with any of the conventional greases except silicone.

It will not cake unlike many of the greases.

It's best for your bike pedals and cleans up rust. Of course, you can use it everywhere - bearings, all threads chain ring bolts, through-axles.

It reduces noise while riding the bike. It makes cleaning your bike simple and easy.

ProGold EPX Grease makes bearings noiseless when they keep on operating by reducing the friction. It enhances their life as well.

It keeps moisture away.

ProGold EPX Grease is great for lubricating your bike pedals both clipless and flat pedals.

Besides, pedals you can use it for threads and bolt heads.

It brings you peace of mind because you've ensured that your bike is protected. By using ProGold EPX Grease, you 'll be able to keep your bike in functional conditions for many years to come.


It is of great significance to keep pedals along with other parts of your bike clean. This will ensure a great performance. Using quality lubricants such as bike pedal grease will protect the parts from extreme wear because of friction. It will also prevent them from freezing up. Further, it also keeps corrosion and rust away. Use a multitool to check your bike beforehand.

The best point in taking care of your bike is checking for any issue before you start each ride. By this, you catch sight of any potential issue that may result in a hazard.

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