Aquatic Education

Freshwater fishing activities are endless at the Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center (BTYCC). Students are provided with equipment and supervised instruction while they enjoy fishing in BTYCC’s well-stocked 10-acre pond. Here participants have the opportunity to learn about aquatic ecology in a natural setting, and engage in educational activities under the covered pavilion.

Why Aquatic Education?

An appreciation for nature’s aquatic habitats directly relates to clean air and clean water. Recreational fishing is an American tradition as old as the country and has long been valued for the peace and tranquility that it can provide to all those who wish to escape the pressures of life for a few blissful hours. Fishing also provides the opportunity to spend quality time in a peaceful non-intimidating setting talking and reconnecting with family and friends. As fishing skills develop, a level of self-confidence is attained and organizational and planning challenges are met. The future of our resources is in the hands of our youth and in the vision and commitment of the parents, extended family, teachers and friends who help to mold their ideals and values.

Why People Fish?

Fishing is non-discriminatory. Big, small, young or old, fishing brings us all together to enjoy nature. Few memories stick out in our minds as clearly as catching our first fish, and who we were with when we caught it. The reason is simple - the pure joy of the experience and being with someone who cares enough to take time to go fishing together.

Boating Safety Program

To find out more information on Florida’s Boating Safety program, visit the FWC boating page here.

Fishing Programs

Hooked On Fishing - Not On Drugs - The Hooked On Fishing - Not On Drugs program uses angling skill development as a gateway to teach youth about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how to deal with the challenges facing them in their young lives.

Fishing Clinics - These non-intimidating clinics are put on by trained volunteers to teach parents and youth how to fish. Starting with the basics, this program is perfect for those who are interested in learning about Florida’s most popular pastime.

Open Fishing - Open to all youth, with parental supervision.

Other Outdoor Activities - Get Outdoors Florida! is a coalition of government, non-profit, university and commercial groups "engaging communities, families and individuals in outdoor experiences to achieve healthier lifestyles and sustain Florida’s natural resources." Click here for more information and opportunities.

Fish Camp

The Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center offers a summer camp program for students age nine to fifteen that are interested in fishing. Fish Camp provides valuable information regarding fish and their habitat, teaches various fishing techniques, and cultivates a new crop of responsible anglers. All aspects of fishing are covered, ranging from fish identification and fish biology to boat navigation and angling techniques. Campers leave Fish Camp with an appreciation for the sport of fishing, as well as the knowledge required for ethical angling. Similar camps are also offered at the Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center.

For more information on the Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center and its Aquatic Education programs, please contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at (850) 922-4189.​