Nomad Hunting Gear Review

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Hunting season is nigh and it’s going to be especially important that you equip yourself with the right hunting gear. While the recipe for a successful hunt may include having a good rifle with high-quality ammunition, you also need to have the right hunting gear. The right gear can make your hunting safer, successful, and more fun.

You must be prepared for any weather condition whenever you head out into the woods or fields to hunt. Equip yourself with the appropriate hunting gear so that you can effectively tackle cold mornings, hot days, and rainy afternoons. Having the right gear can help you to successfully get through your hunting regardless of the existing conditions.

The great demand for hunting gear has forced companies in this industry to design apparel to suit every hunter’s demands. Nomad Performance Apparels is one such company that provides hunters with the most authentic hunting gear. This Nomad hunting gear review will help you choose the right gear to make you a more efficient hunter.

Nomad Hunting Gear

According to Nomad’s website, the mission of this hunting gear company is to design hunting apparel that’s innovative and authentic enough to inspire communities to experience and protect hunting traditions. Moreover, they design their hunting apparel to empower every hunter on their next hunting expedition.

This high-quality and high-end hunting apparel designed by Nomad should appeal to hunters who value performance and are willing to pay the price. Nomad categorizes its apparel into four main groups that include Big Game, Whitetail, Elevated Whitetail, and Turkey.

All these categories have hunting gear for women, men, and children. Each of the hunting gear created by Nomad uses Realtree, Kryptek, and Mossy Oak camouflage patterns. Moreover, the Big Game clothing apparel uses Nomad’s proprietary Veil Cervidae camouflage pattern.

Major Qualities of Nomad Hunting Gear

Besides using high-quality fabric, Nomad hunting gear also come with certain qualities that’ll make your hunt more comfortable and better. Some of the major qualities include:

1. Base Layers

There's a lot of uncertainty in the weather whenever one goes out for a hunt. The temperatures particularly tend to fluctuate a lot when you’re out in the field or woods. That’s why it’s important to dress in layers to ensure that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Nomad’s base layers use moisture-wicking technology to keep your skin dry throughout the hunting session. The base layer also features Nomad’s SilverZ technology that removes body odor through anti-microbial technology.

Using zeolite, the base layers also trap in your smell to keep you hidden while hunting. Moreover, the base layers improve your stealth by keeping noise to a minimum.

Among the base layer apparel provided by Nomad for all year use include the Nomad Heartwood Top and the Nomad Heartwood Bottom. The Heartwood Top is a warm-weather base layer designed for superior comfort. The Nomad Heartwood Bottom keeps the hunter comfortable, suppresses their scent, and minimizes noises while moving.

2. Camouflage

Every hunting gear has to have camouflage to allow the hunter to remain hidden. Nomad designs apparel with camo patterns that allow every hunter to blend into their surroundings. Some of the camo patterns that Nomad apparels come with include Mossy Oak, Banshee, Realtree, and Kryptek.

3. Durability and Stretchy

Whether you’re looking to get yourself a hunting t-shirt, long-johns, jackets, or base layers, they all have to be comfortable. Nomad designs its apparel using high-quality fabrics that ensure they’ll last you through several hunting trips. The fabric used is also stretchable to give you enough freedom to move around whether you’re walking or sitting.

4. Designed for Outdoor Conditions

Nomad features a variety of hunting gear designed to be suitable for wearing in different climatic conditions. Dressing for the weather when heading out to hunt is a no-brainer for any professional hunter.

However, if you’re a beginner be sure to select the appropriate hunting gear before going out. Besides, Nomad designs their hunting gear to last you all year round.

5. Safety and Practicality

Nomad's whitetail hunting gear features a bright orange color in their design for safety purposes. This allows other hunters to easily locate you and prevent any accidental shooting from happening. Bright orange color isn’t also very visible to deer.

Moreover, the hunting gear allows for practicality since they're waterproof, non-reflective, and help improve camouflage through its scent removal and noise reduction technologies.


There’s a variety of Nomad Hunting Gear ranging from jackets, base layers, t-shirts, and caps among others designed to improve your hunting experience. All hunting gears from Nomad come with camouflage, provide comfort and durability, and ensure you can wear them all year long.

The gear also comes with safety features and is practical for you to wear in any weather. Go over to the Nomad Outdoor website and start preparing yourself for the next hunting season.

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