Benelli Nova vs Supernova

Since the invention of guns, it’s been an arms race between gun manufacturers as they try to outdo each other. Through proprietary designs and technological development, it’s been possible for manufacturers to produce powerful guns to meet different demands. There are many uses for these guns including for tactical and hunting purposes.

One manufacturer who’s in the production of hunting guns is Benelli. The manufacturer introduced the Benelli Nova and the more advanced variant of the same gun, the Benelli Supernova in 2009.

Both guns are pump-action shotguns, famous for their use in hunting and self-defense. Though these guns have similar features, there are also striking differences between them.

Benelli Nova

The Benelli Nova is a pump-action shotgun that's used for hunting and tactical purposes. This gun’s feature that makes it stand out is the innovative one-piece lightweight receiver and buttstock. The heavy-duty steel-reinforced polymer receiver and buttstock are resistant to weather and scratching.

The gun measures between 45.5-inches to 49.5-inches long and when unloaded it weighs only 8.0-pounds. There’s a hunting and tactical model available for the Benelli Nova.

Benelli Nova’s hunting model features a barrel and sight configuration to make it more suitable for hunting and skeet shooting. The rifled and smoothbore barrel is available in different lengths ranging between 24-inches to 28-inches. You can get this model in both camouflage and matte finishes. The hunting model is available in either 12-gauge or 20-gauge.

Conversely, the tactical model features an 18.5-inch smoothbore barrel with rifle sights. This makes it more effective than the hunting model and as a self-defense weapon. However, it’s not very accurate for long-range shots. There’s only a 12-gauge available for the tactical model.

Specific Features of the Nova

The Nova features double-action bars that come with locking rotary bolt heads. These are compatible with target loads ranging from the 12-gauge to the 20-gauge shotshell. It also comes with a full choke tube and a sighting mechanism with a silver bead at the vent rib’s center. Along with a fiber optic sighting, the Nova is great to use in any background.

Nonetheless, the gun’s ghost ring sight isn’t very suitable for wing shooting. The gun also comes with a forearm equipped with a button to stop magazine feeds when pressed. It’s also quite affordable and comes with a lot of interesting features.

Benelli Supernova

A variant of the Nova, the Supernova’s feature that makes it stand out is the one-piece receiver and interchangeable stock with a shim kit. Similar to the Nova, this gun is resistant to the weather due to the polymer-coated steel framing. The gun weighs between 7.2-inches to 8-pounds and measures between 40-inches to 49.5-inches long.

The Benelli Supernova is available in three different models. These are the ComforTech, the SteadyGrip, and Tactical models. The Supernova with ComforTech is best suited for hunting because of the different barrel and sight configurations.

Similar to the Nova, this hunting model of the Supernova comes with either a rifled or smoothbore barrel. The ComforTech also comes with five types of chokes and lengths ranging between 24-inches to 28-inches.

The SteadyGrip model’s design helps improve the gun’s steadiness when taking a shot. The model only comes with a 24-inch barrel. The Tactical is the self-defense model of the Supernova and it comes with a ghost-ring sight and an 18-inch or 14-inch barrel.

Specific Features of the Supernova

The Supernova comes with a large angular trigger pull. This spaciousness makes it ideal for using it with a gloved hand. The fore-end of this gun also features a push-button that also stops the magazine feed when pressed. A semi-rotary bolt head makes it easy for one to unlock this gun.

Left-hand shooters will find the Supernova suitable for them since it has a reversible safety. You can also switch between the three different stocks using the modular stock system.

Women find this gun comfortable because of its recoil dropping capability. The Supernova also features a double-action bar like the Nova model. You can also break it down for ease of cleaning.

Differences Between the Benelli Nova and Supernova

The Nova and Supernova have different stock and trigger guards. This is the major difference between these variants. The Supernova features a wider stock and a large trigger guard.

The spacious trigger guard allows you to pull the trigger with a lot of ease. Moreover, the elegantly designed Supernova features an ergonomic receiver that comes with a shim kit for more accurate fitting.

Conversely, the Nova comes with a single receiver and stock that makes it less flexible and adaptable than the Supernova. With the Supernova, you’re free to change stocks anytime you want. However, both guns have great handling and similar recoil management, although the recoil varies with each stock model.

Price Difference

The Nova and Supernova also vary in prices, with the latter Benelli model costing more. The cheapest Nova model costs around $419, while the Supernova costs $499. Conversely, the most expensive Nova costs $669, whereas the Supernova costs $929.

Generally, Benelli products aren’t that cheap. However, with the Nova and Supernova model, pump-action shotguns are more accessible. With less than $500 you can get yourself a decent hunting shotgun.


It’s possible to customize these two guns but the Supernova is easier to modify than the Nova because of its design. The accessories used for these two guns aren’t equal. There are specific accessories for the Nova and Supernova as well as for the 12-gauge and 20-gauge variations of these models.


Hunting enthusiasts can easily get the Nova and Supernova guns because they're quite cheap compared to other brands available in the market. If one is looking for a versatile and more powerful gun, then the Supernova is the best for them. It's easily customizable and has great features.

The Nova is also a good hunting gun that you can use with a variety of target loads. You can choose a gun that has the specific features you’re looking for.

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