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Cycling is a fun activity that involves the leg and hand body muscles for a healthier you. People get disappointed during rainy seasons due to the fear of getting wet and damp while on the road. With the appropriate cycling gear, this won’t be a big deal.

The right waterproof pants can greatly increase your motivation to ride in the rain. That’s why you can choose from these 5 best cycling rain pants:

#1. PEARL IZUMI Select Escape Thermal Cycling Tights


  • Excellent water-repelling properties.
  • Made from a flexible and comfortable material.
  • It isn’t prone to wear and tear easily.


  • Lacks pockets for holding your items.

PEARL IZUMI Cycling Pants made from the woven polyester face and activated charcoal backer. It’s relatively strong and durable and can be stretched out to fit your body type. It’s lightweight making it easily portable to wherever you go. It has high abrasion resistance to overcome the friction from the bicycle surface while peddling or from the seat.

It's fully seam-sealed to offer quality wind and water resistance. Presence of millions of pores that are smaller than water droplets from seam sealing enables it to resist water retention. The numerous pores also overcome wind pressure enabling you to cycle in windy environments too without any worries.

It is spacious and allows you to relax as you fit it in and people of different sizes can wear it too. It’s thin and lightweight for easy packaging and gives you a chance to enjoy an athletic experience during cycling. It has a flexible waistband that stretches out to suit your waist length. It comes with Velcro adjusters with a Matte finish to deliver a smooth and subtle look that shows no sheen.

It comes in various sizes to fit specific bikes and allow freedom of movement on it. Some bicycles are huge while others are medium-sized hence fitting into the right pants enables you to maneuver around freely. It has the lower leg zippers to enable you to get your shoes on when riding and off when not. Velcro cinch straps are present to prevent them from tangling up with the cycle chain.

#2. Shower Pass Women's Waterproof Breathable Transit Cycling Pants


  • Excellent design to fit your size.
  • High water resistance ability.
  • Excellent reflective properties using reflective trims.


  • Lacks pockets for keeping accessories.

Shower Pass Women’s Waterproof Breathable Transist Cycling Pants is made from pure nylon with 3 layers of Artex Hard-shell ripstop fabric. This makes them lightweight with an exceptional abrasion resistance that is easy to wash. It dries out fast and has low moisture absorbency that makes it resist shrinkage and wrinkling.

It has reflective trims that create a vest for nighttime bike riding. This reduces the chance of an accident occurring since the driver will have a clear vision of the cyclist. It also has optional suspenders to keep it hoisted where you need it. They are more comfortable, less prone to slip, and less likely to impend digestion and breathing. 

It has articulated knees to increase movement while cycling. This allows the lower leg to relatively-move to the thigh while supporting your body’s weight while cycling. 

It has ankle zippers for an easy experience while wearing and removing shoes. A Velcro cinch strap comes with the package to keep the pant legs away from the bicycle chain.

#3. Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Waterproof Sports Wear


  • Designed from nylon that makes it waterproof.
  • Designed to have narrow cut ankles.
  • It has an articulated knee structure.


  • Lacks Velcro straps for adjusting leg width.

The best quality of nylon and spandex makes up Camii Mia Women’s Sports Wear. When compared to the polyester made cycling rain pants, they are stronger and more elastic. It can be easily washed by hand or using a machine and have high abrasive resistance. It highly stretches due to the 3-layer stretch fabric that builds it up to give it a complete look.

It has an inner layer fleece that allows you to get it on and off very quickly. It’s designed to ensure comfort while walking and cycling. This is due to the presence of an articulated knee structure and it being baggy. You wouldn’t have to worry about your knees ending up with sores or scratches from the pants fabric.

It’s uniquely made to have narrow cut ankles making it exceptionally great for peddling without worrying about the bicycle chain. The lower legs are also slightly slimmer to make sure you get through the road at the ease of excessive fabric. 

It has high water resistance properties, from the many pores that prevent water retention to the outer wind resistance. It dries out fast and has low moisture absorbency that makes it resist shrinkage and wrinkling.

#4. Proviz Nightrider Waterproof Trousers, Safety Yellow


  • Brightly colored to ensure you are visible to other road users.
  • Offers skin comfort that ensures you enjoy your ride.
  • Highly water-resistant.


  • Absence of Velcro straps for regulating width length.

Proviz Nightrider Waterproof Trousers is composed of 95% polyester and 5% cotton. The smooth cotton layer allows it to withstand heat from the sun ensuring you don’t end up with sunburns. It greatly aligns with your skin since it’s made from natural cellulose fiber. When combined with polyester, you get to ride in muddy paddles and rain without worrying about you getting wet. 

Its fluorescent lime color distinguishes it from the rest ensuring you get to ride on the highway without worrying about impending vehicles. Peddling accelerates the movement of light from your pants to the driver making it easier for them to register your presence. 

It has Cinche Velcro straps to keep your pants off the chains. The extra fabric can easily move to the chains causing the pants to tear while the chains detangle. This might lead to an accident considering you are on the road and there’s a heavy downpour.  

It’s baggy to ensure you are more relaxed and enhance good posture when you try to rise and sit on the bicycle. Comfort ability is crucial when riding bicycles to achieve your goal. Getting these pants satisfies this goal with an added secure feeling that you are on the limelight while on the road.

#5. GORE BIKE WEAR 2 in 1 Men’s Long Cycling Rain Overpants


  • Made from polyester making it strong and durable.
  • The fabric is lightweight and offers wind and waterproofness
  • Presence of seat reinforcement


  • Absence of pockets for storage purposes.

GORE BIKE WEAR Rain Overpants made from pure polyester and Gore-Tex membrane. This makes them highly resistant to stains, easy to clean, and is resistant to shrinking. It offers protection from sun rays as it’s sun-resistant and it can stretch out to your desired size. 

The membrane contains billions of pores that are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets making the pants outstandingly waterproof. Made from the Gore-Tex active technology, it's fully seam-sealed for water and wind resistance. The stitch holes and seams treated in gear made from waterproof fabric to prevent leakage when raining or snowing.

It offers comfort with a resistant seat reinforcement with an adjustable elastic waistband. The elastic band ensures you maintain optimum blood circulation in your body and it doesn’t hinder breathing. If you are new to cycling in the rain, a reinforced seat will be of significant help to prevent you from sliding out of your seat while cycling.

It has high visibility reflective inserts that are available inclusive or non-inclusive of yellow detail on the back of the legs. This ensures you are visible to motorists and drivers not just at night but during the day too.

It is custom, made with pre-shaped knees to allow for freedom of movement while cycling. It allows for the forward and backward movement of the knee while peddling with ease. It has Velcro straps to adjust leg width and not allow chain attachment. The lower-leg zippers allow for an easy time to get pants on and off.

What to consider when choosing the best cycling rain pants

Investing in a great pair of durable waterproof cycling pants enables you to enjoy riding throughout the yearly seasons. Keeping dry while cycling is essential to ensure you focus on the road and having thoughts on how to get to the next stop and stay until the rain subsides. Here are some few tips on what to look for before placing your order:

The fabric

This is the most crucial aspect to consider before sorting out your other needs. It determines whether you’ll be comfortable cycling or end up getting wet. 

Getting a cycling pant made from polyester and nylon ensures your priority is first. These materials are seam-sealed to make sure the abundant pores within let out the slightest amount of moisture. This leaves your lower body free from external liquids.

These materials are among the highly preferred by many cloth buyers due to their breathability capability. You won’t have to worry about excessive sweating and your knee articulation problems while cycling. They come in either fit-in sizes or slightly baggy sizes.

Water resistance and breathability ability

These pants should prevent water from getting to your skin hence worn over other pants. This overlap of clothes causes your skin to sweat too much and you may need a way out from this. Getting a waterproof cycling pant that lets out sweat produced while still locking water out is what you need to do.

Look for a cycling pant that has tiny pores in the fabric to let out water vapor from the skin in the description box. Making comfort a priority will ultimately lead you to pick the best waterproof cycling pant.

Types of cycling rain pants

You need to consider the type of cycling rain pants to purchase to avoid regretting soon. They come various types depending on your size, material preference and the structure. Looking at the material, you can decide to pick polyester-made or nylon made depending on your preference. Below is a description of the size and structure.

The tapered leg

These cycling rain pants become smaller from the knees and are the smallest at the ankles. Cyclists of various sizes and shapes can wear them. They are preferred because they don't crisscross the bicycle chain while riding ensuring a flawless cycle.

The non-tapered leg

They are exceptionally baggy right from the waistband to the ankle seam. Cyclists who like to feel the touch of air through their legs prefer them. The fast cycles won’t choose this type because their bicycle chain may end up getting tangled with fabric making them encounter an accident or stop their ride.

Health benefits for cyclers using rain pants

Cycling ensures you are physically active by increasing cardiovascular fitness. You wouldn’t want to alter your cycling schedule due to a light downpour, or would you? Having the right pants to protect you from getting a cold while still ensuring you don’t get wet is what every rider wishes for. 

Alongside the strengthening of your bones, getting a pair of cycling rain pants with knee articulation improves joint movement. The backward and forward movement of the knees increases mobility while cycling while exercising your leg muscles. 

This is achieved when you get a fitting cycling pant or one that has the knee articulation. There’s nothing as great as enjoying a comfortable ride with strong bones.

While cycling in the rain, you tend to try hard to balance your body to avoid falling to a water paddle. This improves your posture with the help of your cycling rain pants that are made to grip the saddle. By achieving this, you get to improve on the coordination of your hands and the bike handle, and your legs and to peddle.

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