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Selecting tires for your cyclocross bike is very important, particularly if you’re off-road biking. It’s an art form to pair the right tire, with the right width, and tire pressure to suit the right conditions. With many variables involved in cyclocross, tires meant for this bike can hold in all types of conditions.

The best cyclocross tires are ideal to help you tackle even the harshest of terrains. Such tires can allow the rider to access a wide range of areas that you can’t cover with other bike tires.

Selecting the best tires that suit your bike and riding surface can help you to maximize your investment. This review and guide will allow you to select the best cyclocross tires for your bike.

Clement Cycling MXP Clincher Tire, Size: 700cm x 33mm
  • A combination of an intermediate tread patter to create an excellent all-conditions tire. this is...
  • Named after the airport code for Milan, Italy, a World Cup cyclocross venue that calls for an...
  • The tread is an updated version of the classic Grifo patter first developed by Clement decades ago
Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire (12 1/2 x 2 1/4)
  • VERSATILE, SAFE AND DURABLE- The Tour Ride Urban is the ultimate enjoyment tire, making sure the...
  • PUNCTURE PROTECTION- This Butyl breaker blends with rubber reinforced sidewalls to deliver high...
  • HIGH MILEAGE TIRE- The Tour ride is fit with a high mileage compound to ensure mile after mile of...
Vittoria Terreno Zero Bike Tires for Gravel and Pavement - Cyclocross Terreno Zero G2.0 Tubeless TNT Tire
  • Gravel tire designed for paved surfaces and hard-pack terrains.
  • Corsa-inspired smooth center tread minimizes rolling resistance.
  • Side tread scales provide dependable bite through corners, and when braking.

What to Look Out for When Getting the Best Cyclocross Tires

There’s a variety of factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the best cyclocross tires. These factors include tire design, stud spacing and size, tire width, clincher or tubeless tires, flexibility, the material used, and threads per inch (TPI).

Tire Design

The number of studs or knobbles on the cyclocross tire will determine its efficiency on different terrains. The more the studs, the better the tires will be on dusty terrains. Rough tires perform exceptionally under wet conditions since they displace water more effectively. This ensures that you can ride easily on rocks, gravel, and mud among other harsh surfaces.

Nonetheless, studded tires aren’t very effective on smooth roads since they don’t provide sufficient traction when riding. Selecting the cyclocross tire based on the type of roads you’ll cycle on is something very important to consider.

Clincher or Tubeless Tires

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, then clincher tires should suit your bike. You’ll have to change the tube in case you get a puncture. Nonetheless, clincher tires are very easy to repair.

Conversely, tubeless tires are lightweight and are difficult to get punctures. The disadvantage of tubeless tires is that they’re very difficult to repair. Tubeless tires aren’t very cheap and in case you puncture one, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

Tire Width

Cyclocross tires are the middle ground between a mountain bike and road tires. Road tires usually have a width ranging between 23mm to 25mm while cyclocross tires are 30mm to 33mm wide. There are some advantages and disadvantages related to the tire width you select.

Wider tires provide more comfort and stability as you ride. However, the extra rubber on these tires that are on contact with the ground will make you feel more braked. Conversely, thinner tires allow you to ride at higher speeds but provide less stability.

Stud Size

As aforementioned, larger studs provide more traction when riding on muddy or dirt surfaces. These studs will, however, slow you down if you're riding on smooth and hard surfaces like paved roads. Smaller studs provide less traction on muddy or dirt surfaces, but provide the best riding quality on asphalt roads, allowing you to attain higher speeds.

Separation between Studs

The space between studs will also determine the type of riding quality you get. Cyclocross tires with little space in between the studs provide the best riding quality in dry and hard terrains. Cyclocross tires with widely spaced studs increase the traction in muddy surfaces and effectively displace mud and other debris.

Top 5 Best Cyclocross Tires

1. Schwable CX Comp HS 369 Cyclocross Bicycle Tire

The Schwable CX Comp HS 369 is among the best cyclocross bicycle tires you can get for yourself today. This tire provides the smoothest ride on both hard asphalt surfaces and off-road terrains.

Experienced riders will love that they can take this cyclocross tire on any terrain, as long as it rolls. Whether riding on sand, gravel, or any other loose surface, the Schwable CX rolls on without any issues.

Nonetheless, this tire isn't ideal for use in muddy conditions. The HS 369 is a very versatile tire that riders can use to ride both on regular and paved roads due to its puncture-resistant qualities. Urban riders love this tire specifically for this reason. It’s the ideal tire to use for short tours but it has a low mileage making it less ideal for long trips.

You may need to carry extra tires, which is almost impossible when riding a bike. The Schwable CX Comp HS 369 features a polymer construction designed to adapt to the path of riding. It’s also very light since it weighs only 660-grams.


  • This is a hybrid tire designed to provide the best comfort on different terrains.
  • It provides stability and speed to riders even on corners.
  • It’s ideal for urban rider since it handles well on paved roads.
  • The tire is lightweight and resistant to punctures.


  • It has a very short lifespan.
  • It’s not ideal for riding on muddy surfaces.

2. Clement MXP Cyclocross Tire

The Clement MXP Cyclocross Tire features a Kevlar bead casing with 120-TPI. This robust material and tread design make this cyclocross tire ideal for riding on any type of terrain. The tread design is an advanced version of the classic Griffo patter initially designed by Clement.

The tire can achieve high rolling speeds while providing the required amount of grip to effectively brake. This tire also provides enough stability for you to stay on the cycling track. This is an affordable tire that will be worth investing in. The only downside to this 33mm wide tire is the fact that it’s not tubeless.

Other features that make the tire stand out are cuts in the central chevrons that make it possible for it to flex and ride smoothly. It features side knobs that improve grip and stability while riding over different surfaces.


  • It’s quite an affordable set of cyclocross tires.
  • It’s ideal for riding in different types of terrains and conditions.
  • The tread design ensures that you can achieve high riding speeds.
  • It provides an optimum grip for the rider to brake effectively.


  • This tire isn’t tubeless.

3. Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire

The Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire will give you the freedom to ride on any terrain you like. This cyclocross tire features a Butyl breaker layer integrated within the rubber layer to improve the protection from wear and tear that comes with riding regularly. This design also ensures that the tire remains puncture-free for a long time.

The tire has a tread design that ensures the rider can tackle any type of terrain. Whether you’re riding on a smooth asphalt surface or a dirt track, the Continental cyclocross tire will ensure that you’ll get to your destination without any problem. The tires feature a robust double-casing disk that’ll ensure no debris will hinder your ride.

It has reinforced sidewalls that make it rigid enough to tackle any type of condition in the environment. This is a high-mileage tire that’ll ensure you can ride it over long distances without having to look for any replacement. The tire has a maximum PSI of 65 and weighs 720grams.


  • The tire provides the rider with an excellent grip on both hard asphalt surfaces and off-road tracks.
  • The design ensures that this tire will last you for many years to come.
  • It provides better mileage making it ideal for long tours.
  • This cyclocross tire ensures that you can achieve high riding speeds.
  • The reinforced sidewalls ensure that the tire doesn’t get any major damage due to harsh weather conditions.


  • The puncture-resistant technology on this tire isn't very reliable.

4. Vittoria Terreno Zero G2.0 TNT Cyclocross Bicycle Tire

The Vittoria Terreno Zero G2.0 TNT Cyclocross tire comes with very innovative designs that make it stand out from all other tires. Compared to all other tires, the Terreno Zero provides maximum grip, riding comfort, and high rolling speeds. It’s also ideal for riding both on smooth and rough terrains and provides optimum resistance to punctures.

This tire doesn’t feature any knobbles, which makes it only ideal for riding on stony and dry terrains. On muddy tracks, the Terreno Zero G2.0 TNT won’t provide the traction you need. Although it has a different tread design to other cyclocross tires, it still offers the best performance on both gravel and hard-pack roads.

Inspired by Corsa, the center section offers little resistance to rolling in harsh terrains. The tire is also ideal to fit on your bike during winter months, thanks to the width and extra grip it provides. The Terreno Zero provides the perfect balance and stability whether you’re riding on snow or dirt tracks.


  • The tire features a puncture-resistant design.
  • It has two different compounds that ensure its durability.
  • The tire provides optimum support to the brakes.
  • It offers maximum stability and balance in corners.
  • It offers little resistance to rolling.


  • Although ideal for riding in snowy conditions, the tread pattern doesn’t perform that well on wet and muddy gravel tracks.

5. CST Cultivator Cycle Cross Tire

The CST Cultivator Cycle Cross Tire is a high-quality and very affordable tire. It offers the best performance for you to tackle all challenging tracks in muddy, snowy, sandy, or rocky conditions. This tire is ideal for climbing hills and riding over rough conditions. You won't have to get off your bike to carry it as other riders would under such circumstances.

The maximum pressure that you can put into this tire is 85-psi. The tread pattern ensures that you can easily and quickly displace mud and other debris while riding, compared to other tires. Coupled with a light weight of 440grams, this feature allows you to keep your bike light while riding.


  • It’s a high-quality tire with a durable design.
  • The tread pattern helps to displace debris and mud to keep it lightweight.
  • It’s ideal for riding under different conditions and terrains such as snow, mud, and gravel.
  • The tire provides an optimum grip to the rider.


  • According to experts and lab tests, these tires don’t have any negative aspects.

What is Cyclocross Tire?

Cyclocross tires resemble road bike tires but are wider with widths not exceeding 35mm. Many of these tires have widths ranging between 30 to 35mm. These tires usually have an almost flat profile and feature smaller studs that ensure you get a maximum grip when riding on rocky, gravel, and muddy terrains.

Due to their texture and added studs, cyclocross tires provide improved traction and better grip depending on the riding surface. Similar to other road tires, this type of tires come in two versions, which include the clincher and tubeless tires. Clincher tires are cheap and easy to repair, while tubeless tires will cost you more and are difficult to repair.

What are the Advantages of Using a Cyclocross Tire?

Selecting the best cyclocross tires provides the bike owner with many associated advantages. These tires offer the least rolling resistance that helps to give you a continuous ride.

This allows you to conquer even the toughest of terrains. They also support extreme braking, even when your bike has a disk brake fitted on your mountain bike and are riding under wet conditions.

You also don’t have to worry yourself a lot about frequent repairs since cyclocross tires are resistant to punctures. This means that you can now finish the race in or cycling session on time.

Moreover, cyclocross tires are a lightweight construction. This doesn’t make your bike feel bulky when riding or carrying on your shoulder. The reduced weight ensures that you can attain higher speeds and finish a race in the first position.


With many types of tires available on the market, it’s not very easy to select the right type for your bike. This is the main reason that professional cyclists always have a set of disks with them. Beginners should select a set of tires that are suitable for all the different terrains and conditions. That’s why you should include the best cyclocross tires in your garage.

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