Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

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Clipless shoes are the most suitable shoes that cyclists prefer to use because it allows them to provide enough pedal power when cycling. However, not all cyclists care about getting this type of shoes despite the fact it allows them to cycle more efficiently. There are non-cycling shoes available on the market for such individuals.

There’s a wide variety of non-cycling shoes that are strong but lightweight making them suitable for cycling too. These types of shoes also offer enough comfort to the rider while also improving their performance.

With the many brands available on the market, it may be difficult for beginners to find the right shoes for themselves. This review will serve as the perfect guide to selecting the best non-cycling shoes for cycling.

What to Look Out for When Getting the Best Non-Cycling Shoes

All those cyclists who aren’t too keen on Clipless shoes shouldn’t find it difficult to select a high-quality, comfortable, and long-lasting non-cycling shoe. Here are some of the features that one should look out for when getting the best non-cycling shoes.


The shoes that you select should be comfortable both for cycling and walking. Such a shoe has comfortable materials and soft textures that support the feet. Most leather made shoes come with a breathable mesh that makes them very comfortable. The breathable mesh wicks away sweat from your feet ensuring they remain dry when you put them on.

Quality & Features

The best non-cycling shoes should come with an array of features and be of high-quality. It’s important to look at the types of features that the shoe has and whether they’re in line with your preferences. For instance, you should look for features such as breathable meshes, straps, flexibility, and stability in the shoe.

These are some of the features that will ensure you remain comfortable whether you’re cycling or walking around the city. Above all, non-cycling shoes that feature rubber outsoles also improve your comfort. Select a shoe that offers high-quality and comes with a lot of features.

Type of Soles

You should be on the lookout for the type of outer sole on the non-cycling shoes. This improves the cyclist’s performance and pedaling power. Soles made of nylon and carbon fiber make the soles stiffer but lightweight. Unlike stiff soles, softer soles don’t improve the performance and durability of the shoes.


Shoes that feature synthetic or mesh materials that make them lightweight and comfortable. The mesh materials also improve the flow of air in the shoes to keep the cyclist’s feet comfortable and free from sweat.


Nobody wants to get a shoe that they’ll have to replace several times in one year. Durability is an important thing to consider in the shoe you select to ensure that it will last you for long and save you unnecessary costs. The non-cycling shoes should come with a durability assurance even when using it.

The durability of the shoes will depend on the material used in its construction. Leather made shoes will last longer compared to other types of materials. Ensure that you look for a shoe that has a lasting design and offers long-term support.

Manufacturer Guarantee

Most manufacturers offer a guarantee for the shoes they design and sell. This is an important thing to look out for because it allows you to return the shoes or take them for free repairs.

Some manufacturers also offer 1 to 2 years of quality guarantee to improve your confidence in their brand. Therefore, you should select a brand that offers the best return, repair policy, and quality guarantee.


Price is an important thing to consider when looking for a non-cycling shoe. While cheap shoes may not hurt your pockets that much, they often don’t have many features that you can find on high-end shoes. If you're on a budget, strike a balance between price and quality by selecting a reasonably priced shoe.

Top 5 Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

1. Shimano SH-MT3 Men’s Bike Shoes

The Shimano SH-MT3 is a great non-cycling shoe that’s perfect for off-road trekking and mountain biking. This shoe comes with a lace-up style that makes it very easy to put on and remove the shoes. SH-MT3’s standard design provides much-needed comfort when cycling or walking.

The one-piece construction of the Shimano provides a secure fit to the rider. It’s also very durable and light when pedaling. The flat insoles and artificial leather materials make it lighter but stronger. This construction gives it a very strong and stable feel when wearing it. Besides, this affordable non-cycling shoe features a breathable mesh to wick away sweat from the rider’s feet.


  • It’s an ideal shoe for both cycling and trekking.
  • It comes with features that improve comfort.
  • The breathable mesh keeps the rider’s feet dry.
  • The slip-free soles help to avoid accidents.


  • It comes at a very high price.

2. Tommaso Montagna 100 Men’s Mountain Bike Cycling Shoe

The Tommaso Montagna Men’s Mountain Bike Cycling Shoe features a reinforced base 2-bolt SPD cleat. The cleats make it suitable for use on any mountain bike.

The fiberglass sole is strong enough to deliver maximum stiffness needed and maximum power transfer. The shoes feature advanced technology that reduces fatigue on the rider's feet, allowing them to ride for longer and faster with less energy.

The shoe also features an artificial leather base insole that provides comfort to the foot. Besides, the breathable mesh helps to keep the feet dry by wicking away sweat. The manufacturer provides a 2-year quality guarantee, a cash-back return policy, and 100% fit assurance. The Tommaso Montagna also comes with a Velcro strap that provides an ergonomic fit.


  • It’s easy to put on this shoe.
  • The 2-bolt SPD cleats secure the feet when pedaling.
  • It features a durable reinforced nylon construction.
  • The breathable mesh improves comfort by keeping the feet dry.


  • The bottom screw on this shoe is fragile.

3. Adidas Mundial Men’s Performance Goal Shoes

The Adidas Mundial Men’s Performance Goal Shoes feature high-quality construction to play soccer and cycle with. The non-marking gum rubber outsole provides enough grip and control when pedaling. The outsole also provides sufficient traction on all indoor surfaces.

The die-cut EVA insole makes the non-cycling shoes very comfortable when put on. It doesn’t feel heavy and it’s easy to wear. The Adidas non-cycling shoe has an elegant split-suede design with a leather upper to provide the perfect fit.

The leather construction ensures the shoe’s durability and support. The Adidas Mundial provides the best value for both sports and cycling use.


  • It features a leather upper for the perfect fit.
  • It’s quite affordable for people on a budget.
  • It has an elegant black & white design.
  • The no-chafe heel provides the best traction.


  • This non-cycling shoe isn’t ideal for casual wear.

4. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

The Reebok 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker is an excellent training shoe that one can also use to cycle with. The rigid construction ensures that the shoes will last you for many years to come. Besides providing durability, the flex wear upper is also flexible. This gives one confidence that the shoe is tough and stable.

The wide toe box fits well to give the rider improved pedaling power. It also has a strong but comfortable insole and a 100% artificial outsole to secure the foot. This combination makes it very comfortable for one to walk and pedal with these shoes.

The 8.0 Flexweave also features a breathable mesh to keep the feet dry by wicking away sweat. It comes in different color types, so you can choose one that fits your style.


  • It’s available in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • It features a wide toe box for improved wearing comfort.
  • It provides a snug fit.
  • The shoe is flexible due to the forefoot flex.


  • It comes with small shoelaces.

5. Rockport Men's Leader 2 Bike Slip-on

The Rockport Men’s Leader is a popular non-cycling shoe that provides a professional design. Made of 100% leather, this shoe will last you for a long time. There are four different color options that one can choose from including a brown or black option. The black option provides a more professional look and will match any style.

The Rockport non-cycling shoes offer excellent durability, performance, and comfort due to its reinforced nylon construction. This construction provides maximum traction when pedaling too. The leather material provides quality and comfort for an easy and cozy fit. The anti-microbe lining and moisture-absorbing materials help to keep the feet dry.


  • The reinforced nylon construction makes it durable.
  • The classic lace-up design makes it easy to wear.
  • It’s available in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • The insoles are soft for comfort and the perfect fit.


  • Some reviewers have complained that it’s not very durable.

Categories of The Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

The wrong pair of cycling shoes can lead to poor performance and loss of power when cycling. They can also cause your feet to become sore and fatigued. The best non-cycling shoes are lightweight, strong, and breathable to allow you to transfer maximum energy from the legs to the pedals.

Here are the various categories of non-cycling shoes that you’ll find suitable.

Road Shoes

These are popular for being lightweight and stiff. The design of road shoes allows the cyclist to transfer maximum power to the pedals making them the perfect type of shoes for riding. Some of the most expensive types of road shoes come with carbon soles and adjustable fitting systems.

Some brands allow you to customize these shoes to provide you with the perfect fit. Pre-heating the shoes in an oven allows you to mold the footwear to your feet. Road shoes also feature wide cleats to allow you to distribute pressure.

Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes feature a recessed but removable clip that makes them a very convenient pair of shoes. The stiff and flat soles on this type of shoes ensure the rider gets a tight and stable grip on the pedals. This allows the cyclist to deliver enough power to the pedals. This type of shoes provides maximum comfort due to their high-quality construction.

Mountain Bike Shoes

They’re very versatile and allow cyclists to wear them on and off the bike. The versatility means that touring shoes compromise in their design since the soles aren’t very sturdy as is the case with many cycling shoes. However, soft soles make them ideal for walking around the city. You can also use touring shoes to cycle around different types of terrain.

Touring shoes also feature breathable meshes and an extra toe box for improved comfort around the feet and toes. They’re best suited for recreational cycling where there’s little pressure in riding fast and hard.

Trainer Shoes

Trainers are another form of non-cycling shoe that you can use to cycle if you’re not working out with them. Designed with athletes in mind, trainer shoes are more flexible and provide enough room for the feet to move freely. However, they offer enough grip for pedaling.

Indoor Soccer Shoes

These are the best alternatives to cycling shoes since they feature a flat outer sole. The flat soles provide enough cycling power that cycling shoes offer. Indoor soccer shoes resemble tennis shoes but with rigid soles.

They provide enough grip and more control for proper functionality. They also feature a cushioned inner sole that protects the feet and toes. The lightweight design makes them ideal for fast and quick pedaling.


With this detailed review, it’s not going to be hard to find the best non-cycling shoes for cycling. Looking for specific features such as comfort, fit, ventilation, grip, and quality will make it easier for one to select the best type. You should be confident enough to select the right brand of shoe that will offer you versatility whether you’re walking, working out, or going to the gym.

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