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Single Speed Freewheels offer a hassle-free ride for single speeders. There’s no longer a need to worry about derailleurs or unreliable shifters ruining your afternoon or morning ride. Replacing your old single speed freewheel with a new one will also give you a smoother and more fun ride.

Besides being affordable, lightweight, and easy to use, single-speed freewheels require less maintenance. If you’re looking to get fit then the energy required to ride a single-speed bike makes it perfect for working out. This review will help you narrow down to the best single speed freewheel despite the large numbers available on the market.

Single Speed Freewheel, what is it?

Understanding what a single-speed freewheel is will help in selecting one for your bike. These are single speed bike components threaded on the rear hub. Unlike mountain bikes with shifters and gears, single-speed bikes only have one gear ratio. They don’t feature derailleur gears, hub gears, and other methods for changing the gear ratio.

This uses a freewheel mechanism that allows the single-speed bike to coast. Among the many single speed bikes include cruisers, commuter bikes, BMX bikes, unicycles, and road bikes with fixed gears. You’ll always get a single-speed freewheel despite the type of bike you have.

What to Look Out for When Getting the Best Single Speed Freewheel

There are certain factors that you have to take into consideration when selecting the best single speed freewheel. You must have an idea of what you're looking for before making your purchase. Consider the following factors whether you’re looking for one to match your bike’s chain, replacing an old one, or getting a new single speed bike.


There are many high-quality single speed freewheel available on the market that you can buy at an affordable price. Try striking a balance between the durability, quality, performance, and cost before getting one for your bike. That said, you don’t have to break the bank to get one of these.


This is an important factor to consider when buying any component for your bike. This ensures that it’ll last you for many years to come and you won’t have to worry about replacing it. 

A single-speed freewheel should feature a design that ensures it covers many miles before you have to replace it. Materials such as hardened steel contribute to the freewheels durability, guaranteeing you a long-life of excellent performance.

Compatibility with Your Bike’s Chain

The different freewheels are compatible with different chains. When purchasing a new freewheel, you must check its compatibility with your bike's chain. 

Matching the chain and the freewheel will give you the best performance as you ride your bike. Most single speed bikes come with chains measuring 3/32" and 1/8" that'll be compatible with the single-speed freewheels reviewed below.


The most popular material used in making bike components is steel, due to its durability, comfort, and strength it offers. The material isn’t susceptible to the wear and tear that’s common on other materials. 

Besides, steel components are easy to fix and replace in case of damage. Aluminum is also among the best materials used to make freewheels that ensure its durability.


Several manufacturers make bicycle components. One should get components for their bike from a reputable company, one with many years of experience in producing high-quality items. 

Moreover, there’s an assurance that the component will give you the best performance. Shimano and SENQI are among the best brands that you can buy a freewheel from.

Top 5 Single Speed Freewheels

#1. Shimano Single-Speed Freewheels

The Shimano Single-Speed Freewheels provide the perfect solution for those who want to change a multi-geared bike into a single-speed bike. They’re easy to install and made of the highest-quality materials that ensure it’ll last you for many years to come. The chrome-moly steel sprocket allows it to resist the wear and tear that comes with bike riding. 

You can install it using the available instructions and start riding immediately since it comes pre-greased. It’s compatible with BMX bike chains measuring 3/32” and 1/8”. The freewheel has a design that allows it to withstand the tough conditions of the BMX bike. With this on your bike, you can enjoy a smooth and fast ride.


  • It comes with instructions that make it easy to install.
  • It’s a fix and ride freewheel since it comes pre-greased.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • The freewheel offers a smooth and quiet ride on the road.
  • The chrome-moly material ensures its durability.


  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer any warranty.

#2. Shimano SF-1200 Single Speed Freewheel

The Shimano SF-1200 Single Speed Freewheel features a design that gives the rider the ultimate quality and performance. The high-quality steel construction makes it one of the most durable single speed freewheels available on the market. The hardened steel ensures that it can withstand wear and tear, giving you many miles of service. 

The easy to install freewheel provides a very smooth ride once installed. It also rides quietly on the road like the Shimano Single-Speed Freewheels. Moreover, it perfectly fits standard threaded hubs and has 16-teeth that allow it to fit a 1/8” track chain. This is the perfect choice for someone looking for a high-quality freewheel that won’t break the bank.


  • It’s very easy to install.
  • It offers a smooth and quiet ride on the road.
  • The hardened steel material ensures its durability.
  • It’s compatible with 1/8” track chains and fits standard threaded hubs.
  • It’s quite affordable.


  • While easy to install, it’s quite impossible to remove it without destroying it.

#3. SENQI Bike Freewheel Sprocket Gear Single Speed

The SENQI Bike Freewheel features a construction that ensures you’ll have it for many years to come. Unlike other freewheels, the SENQI is a cold-forged CNC machine freewheel. This makes it one of the most durable freewheels available on the market. It also doesn’t compromise on performance, ensuring that the rider gets the best out of it.

The freewheel provides a very strong grip due to the three-pawl engagement. It gives a better frame clearance due to the removal notch pattern it features. The manufacturer also offers a guarantee that it’ll work perfectly while giving the best performance.


  • It provides the perfect balance between affordability and quality.
  • The cold-forged CNC machine freewheel is quite durable.
  • The 3-pawl engagement improves its grip.
  • It offers the best performance.


  • It’s impossible to get it off once you’ve installed it.

#4. ACS Crossfire Freewheel

From one of the best bicycle components manufacturers, the ACS Crossfire Freewheel provides the rider with the best level of performance. It features CNC wire pawls alongside steps that ensure its accuracy. Similar to the SENQI Freewheel, it also features a 3-pawl engagement that gives it a very strong grip. Moreover, for every 12 degrees, the ACS Crossfire gives you a fast engagement. 

The precision used in the construction of the freewheel means that you can ride the bike smoothly. It also features a removal notch pattern that gives it a better frame clearance. To resist wear, the freewheel features a nickel-plated sprocket ring that improves its durability. The matte silver finish ensures that it can also resist corrosion. The Crossfire is compatible with 1/8-inch and 3/32-inch chains.


  • It features a matte silver finish that makes it corrosion resistant.
  • It has a stronger hold due to the 3-pawl engagement feature.
  • It offers a smooth and quiet ride on the road.
  • It has a durable design.


  • The number of teeth selected will alter the thread size.

#5. Shimano SF-MX30DX Single Freewheel

If you have a BMX bike then the Shimano SF-MX30DX Single Freewheel is the perfect choice for you. They can withstand the tough riding conditions that BMX bikes go through. Made of chrome materials, the single speed freewheel is lightweight and compatible with ½ by 3/32” chains. Besides, the freewheel offers the right balance between affordability and quality. 

It comes with instructions that make it easy to install. The freewheel provides the smoothest ride once you’ve fixed it on your bike. A product of the popular bike component manufacturer, you’re assured of the best performance and quality. There’s a guarantee that it’ll last you for many years to come.


  • It’s affordable and lightweight.
  • The chrome material ensures its durability.
  • The freewheels design ensures it can withstand the tough conditions of BMX cycling.
  • It’s a high-quality construction that allows it to withstand wear and tear.
  • It’s easy to install.


  • Some users have complained that it doesn’t fit their bike.


This review provides the best single speed freewheels that you can fix on your bike. Most are durable due to the steel material used in their construction. Each comes with a superior feature that you may find unique to fix on your bike. If you’re looking to replace or fix one on your bike, then this review will help you narrow down to the best one.

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