Best Turkey Choke for Remington 870

You need to have the right hunting equipment when preparing for turkey season. Arming yourself with the right equipment will allow you to successfully hunt the challenging prey. The best turkey choke for your Remington 870 is one of the vital pieces of equipment you need to have with you before you head out.

Turkey chokes allow you to shape the spread of the pellets when shooting at the turkey. The pellet pattern created by turkey chokes allows you to effectively kill your prey. Read on to find out more about the different types of turkey chokes and their advantages that'll be suitable for your Remington 870 pump-action shotgun.

What to Look Out for When Getting a Turkey Choke

Getting a turkey choke for your Remington 870 pump-action shotgun will ensure that you get consistent and uniform shots. Besides, turkey chokes also ensure that the pellets have a dense pattern spread. You should look for the following when buying a turkey choke.


You should consider the range from which you plan to shoot the prey. Once you’ve determined the range ensure that you match it with the right pellet spread. The range and pellet spread will vary depending on the type of turkey choke you select. However, the minimum spread recommended is 12 pellets in the head and neck region of the turkey.

The more spread you get for the selected range the better. Experimenting with your Remington 870, different turkey chokes, and ammunition will enable you to find the best balance to meet your hunting needs.


The type of ammunition you select will affect the turkey choke’s performance. To get the best results from your turkey choke, you should try 2.75”, 3”, and 3.5” shotgun shells. These shells should be in #5 and #6 lead shots for optimal results. You can also try #4 shells too and see how they impact the choke's performance.

The shotgun shells selected above will give you velocities between 1,100-1400fps and shot charges ranging between 1.5-2oz. Federal’s Heavyweight and Hevi-Weight are some of the best non-toxic loads that you could use as ammunition. Unlike normal lead pellets, these use heavier shots but are quite expensive.

Top 5 turkey chokes for Remington 870

1. Primos Hunting TightWad Turkey Choke

The Primos Hunting Tightwad Turkey Choke will guarantee that you get a tight shooting group. You can use it for long-range shooting without losing the accuracy of your shots. This turkey choke is quite affordable to hunters on a budget and offers great quality for its price.

This turkey choke boasts of a compact and durable construction that will be a valuable addition to your Remington 870. The chrome alloy steel construction of the choke makes it rigid enough to withstand all the forces of shooting a gun. The choke features rounded ports that compensate for the recoil in the shotgun.

You can accurately shoot from a range of 45-yards with the Primos Tightwad. You don’t need any tools to fix or remove this choke since it features a knurled finish on its ends. This turkey choke comes with variants to suit 20-gauge and other shotgun brands besides the Remington 870.


  • The knurled finishes make it easy to fix and remove.
  • The steel construction makes it durable and sturdy.
  • It’s affordable for hunters on a budget.
  • It's ideal for long-range shooting, above 45-yards.


  • The finish may wear out over time.

2. Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tube

The Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tube features a high-quality steel construction that makes it one of the most durable turkey chokes on the market. The improved durability ensures that the choke can handle all the round you fire from your Remington 870. You don’t have to worry about its performance dropping, even after firing more than 100 rounds. It’ll remain consistent and accurate.

The manufacturer designed this turkey choke with the precision to hold hybrid and lead-heavy loads with #4 to #8 shot sizes. You can get a range of between 40-yards to 50-yards with the Black Diamond Strike Choke Tube. Your shots will remain accurate with these long shots. The pattern density of your pellets improves by 40% when using this choke.

The durability of this choke makes it ideal for turkey hunters looking for a long-term solution to their choke tubes. Expect to get tight shooting groups and improved accuracy of shots with this choke installed on your Remington 870 shotgun.


  • The choke features durable construction.
  • It provides tight shooting groups over a long-range (40-50 yards).
  • You don’t need any additional fittings to fix it on a Remington 870.
  • It improves the pellet pattern density by 40% or more.


  • There are no negative reviews yet for this product.

3. Carlson’s Long Beard Turkey Choke Tubes

The Carlson’s Long Beard Choke Tube is ideal for turkey hunters looking to get some range on their shots. The range on this turkey choke ensures that you also get accurate shots from farther out. Winchester Long Beard Turkey loads use Shot-Lok technology to produce dense patterns on long ranges.

Made of 17-4 stainless steel the turkey choke from Carlson can withstand all the forces within the shotgun muzzle. The ported choke reduces shotgun recoil and is ideal for .660 constriction Remington shotguns, such as the 870. The choke is also quite affordable and improves the precision of your shots when turkey hunting.


  • It’s made of durable and rigid stainless steel.
  • It offers superior quality at an affordable price.
  • This is a suitable choke tube for long-range turkey shooting.
  • The choke produces a dense pellet pattern.


  • It may be necessary to tighten it up using a tool when fixing it on your shotgun.

4. Primos 69405 Jelly Head Mag Lure

The Primos 69405 is also a great choke tube for long-range turkey shooting. You can still get tighter shooting groups with increasing distances. This makes it ideal for turkey hunters who would want more accuracy when shooting from farther away. Fixing this turkey choke on your Remington 870 will give you a range of 40- to 60-yards.

The Jelly Head Mag Lure is a 12-gauge choke tube that features an extended taper and fluted ports. These features help in improving pellet spread patterns by 20% besides reducing the recoil when shooting. It has a black coating that prevents any rusting or corrosion. This choke will consistently provide any turkey hunter with the cleanest shots.


  • It produces dense pellet patterns and reduces shotgun recoil.
  • It’s easy to install and remove.
  • It features durable construction.
  • It provides accuracy for long-range turkey shooting.
  • It’s tough and resistant to corrosion and rust.


  • You may need to tighten this choke occasionally.

5. Hunter Specialties Undertaker Shotgun Choke Tube

The Hunter Specialties is a very affordable choke tube that boasts of durability and tighter shooting groups. It provides a range of between 30- to 40-yards, which isn’t much when compared to the other choke tubes in this list.

The long choke tube with a blued finish ensures that it can resist wear and tear. The steel construction ensures that this choke will last you for the longest time.

For maximum shot constriction, the Undertaker Shotgun is 3-inches long with a 2-inch choke area. The choke tube end features knurled double ridges that improve the grip required when fitting or removing.


  • It’s affordable for hunters on a tight budget.
  • It’s easy to install and remove.
  • It has a long choke length and improves shot constriction.
  • Suitable for Remington 870 and other 20-gauge shotguns.


  • It doesn't feature any portholes.

What is a Turkey Choke?

Turkey chokes are cylindrical tubes that you screw at the end of the shotgun’s barrel. The choke allows you to constrict the shot as it leaves the muzzle. It’s easy to change one turkey choke for another, but you may find some guns that come with fixed chokes.

As aforementioned, the chokes constrict your shot to make it very effective when hunting turkey. Besides reducing the spread of the pellets, the choke also reduces the recoil on your Remington 870 pump-action shotgun. Selecting the right shotgun ammunition and turkey choke can improve the effectiveness of the pellet spread when killing a turkey.

With this, you can get more accurate shots at the range you need. Since the choke constricts the shot, it makes the pellet spread pattern denser. This ensures that the hunter can accurately aim and hit the turkey’s head and neck area for a fast kill.

The Different Types of Turkey Chokes

There are different types of turkey chokes available on the market. Each of these different chokes come with certain advantages over the other. Most choke tube manufacturers produce one or more of these turkey chokes.

1. Cylinder Bore Turkey Choke

The cylinder bore, or simply cylinder turkey choke provides a 30-35% pellet pattern density. This type of choke is suitable for Foster-style slugs and self-defense shotguns.

2. Improved Cylinder Choke

The improved cylinder choke provides a 40-45% pellet pattern density. This turkey choke is also suitable for self-defense, hunting for upland birds hiding in heavy cover, and trap/skeet shooting.

3. Modified Choke

The modified choke is a versatile turkey choke that provides a 50-55% pellet pattern density. Like the improved cylinder choke, it’s also ideal for trap/skeet shooting and upland bird hunting. This turkey choke is also suitable for waterfowl using non-toxic steels.

4. Full Choke

The full choke provides a 70-75% pellet pattern density at a range of 40-yards. It features the tightest constriction of the shots, which makes it the most accurate type of turkey choke. The pattern spread on this type is dense enough to ensure the pellets don’t spread wide as is the case on other types like the cylinder bore choke.

The range used to calculate the effectiveness of all turkey choke types is 40-yards. However, the full choke has a longer range than 40-yards. The number of pellets in your shell will determine how far you can shoot with this type of choke.

The full choke can give you a range of up to 60-yards. The full choke is ideal for hunting upland birds such as turkey, pheasants, and prairie grouse using high-grade ammo.

5. Extra Full Choke

The extra full choke provides a pellet pattern density above 75%. It offers a denser pattern spread making it very effective in hunting turkey using lead or non-toxic shells. However, one shouldn’t use this type of turkey choke with steel shots.

Why Turkey Chokes are Important

Many hunters will find turkey chokes to be very effective when hunting turkey. Having one will increase the chances of success when turkey hunting. Some of the reasons that make turkey chokes very important in hunting include:

Reduces Shotgun Recoil

Having a gun with recoil can reduce the accuracy of your shots since you won’t have firm control over your gun. Turkey chokes can help in reducing the shotgun recoil, allowing you to retain firm control over the gun. With the reduced recoil, you can get smoother shots.

Improved Shooting Accuracy

All hunters desire to have tighter shooting groups since it helps improve the accuracy of their shots. Turkey chokes constrict shots, reducing the spread of pellets. This gives you consistent and cleaner shots when hunting turkey.

Easy to Fit

It doesn't take long to fix a turkey choke at the end of your shotgun's muzzle making it easy to fit. Besides, you'll immediately notice the difference since your gun will start delivering tight and clean shots to successfully kill a turkey.


Turkey chokes are suitable for hunters who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their shots, even while shooting from farther out. Besides providing tighter shooting groups for the cleanest shots, choke tubes also help in reducing shotgun recoils. Whether you’re looking for consistency, uniformity or pattern density, you’ll find a turkey choke in this list that works excellently with your Remington 870 shotgun.

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