Camillus Titanium Knife Review

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Camillus Cutlery is one of the oldest knives producing companies in the US. The company traces its origins in 1876 when they produced their first knife. After producing millions of knives, the company closed shop in 2007 after filing for bankruptcy. Luckily enough, Acme United Corporation bought the Camillus brand and relaunched it in 2009.

Since the relaunch, Camillus re-entered the market with titanium knives instead of those made from steel. Titanium knives are quite popular among users because they’re lighter and more resistant to corrosion than steel knives. Titanium is also a hard material that won’t get damaged easily when used.

The Camillus Titanium coated knives are very suitable for hunting and survival. These knives hold up well under heavy use and are quite resilient to the elements. You can get either a fixed blade of folding knife from Camillus depending on how you want to use the knives. Here’s a detailed review of Camillus Titanium Knives to help you make the right choice.

Camillus Titanium Folding Knives

The Camillus Titanium Folding Knife is among the best-selling products ever produced by this brand. Folding knives are convenient to carry with you whenever you’re going out for camping or fishing. The lightness of the Titanium used makes folding knives the most ideal pocket knives. Among the best Camillus Titanium Folding knives is the Camillus CUDA Sarkis.

#1. Camillus CUDA Sarkis Titanium Folding Knife

The Camillus CUDA Sarkis is a Titanium folding knife made of a durable, corrosion-resistant, and tough AUS-8 Japanese steel. The blade also has a Carbonitride Titanium coating that protects the surface from damage and stains, besides improving its overall functionality.

The medium-carbon and high-chromium AUS-8 Japanese steel gives you a well-balanced knife with a good edge and built to last. The durable titanium knife is also resistant to corrosion and rust. Moreover, AUS-8 steel is a hard alloy that makes the Camillus CUDA blade ideal for all kinds of use. This knife also comes with a rubber back handle that features a lanyard hole to provide the strongest of grips when handling it.

This Camillus Folding Knife's main strength lies in the solid design that gives it great functionality. When compared to other folding knives, it’s not very aesthetic in its design. However, the ergonomic design makes it durable and tough to withstand any type of use.


  • The AUS-8 Japanese steel used to make the blade is durable and solid.
  • The ergonomic design of this blade makes it ideal for heavy-duty use.
  • The titanium coating protects the blade from damage and stains.
  • The rubber blade provides the strongest grip.


  • This folding knife can be quite expensive compared to other available options.

#2. Camillus Blaze Folder Titanium Folding Knife

The Camillus Blaze Titanium Folding Knife features a D2 stainless steel blade. The semi-stainless steel also contains 12% of chromium to make it resistant to corrosion and gives it excellent edge retention.

This folding knife also features an ergonomic handle made of resin-soaked fiberglass layers. This makes the knife suitable for use under different climatic conditions.

The Carbonitride Titanium coating protects the blade surface from damage and stains. The coating also makes the blade highly resistant to tape, Velcro, and other adhesive substances such as sap.


  • The fiberglass handle is impervious to moisture.
  • D2 stainless steel is durable and solid.
  • The titanium coating protects the blade from damage and stains.
  • The blade-style improves the knife’s slicing and chopping usability.


  • Similar to the Camillus CUDA, this folding knife is rather expensive.

Camillus Titanium Fixed Blade Knives

Compared to folding blade knives, fixed blade knives feature blades that you can’t fold down. They’re sometimes called sheath knives because you have to sheath the blades when storing, instead of having to fold it down. Camillus Titanium Fixed Blade knives can be stronger than their foldable counterparts because the blade runs through the handle.

However, folding blades are much easier to carry than fixed blade knives. The reduced length allows you to carry the folded knife in a carrying case or your pocket. Fixed blade knives also pose a safety concern to children and the inexperienced user when they get out of position.

#3. Camillus Survivorman Les Stroud SK Fixed Blade Survival Knife

The Camillus Survivorman Titanium Fixed Blade Knife is an all-purpose knife that uses a non-stick drop point blade. The blade's shape makes it ideal for carving, skinning and cutting. The partially serrated blade makes the knife sturdy enough to cut through different products.

This fixed blade knife features a titanium bonded 440 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance and durability. The blade extends throughout the handle to provide extra cutting strength and to support the more rigid handle.


  • The titanium coated blade improves corrosion resistance and the blade’s durability.
  • The knurled steel pommel handle provides a solid and balanced grip.
  • The 440 stainless steel provides an edge that’s easy to re-sharpen.
  • It’s the ultimate survival knife.


  • The flashlight that comes with the knife isn’t very bright.

#4. Camillus Animal Fixed Blade Knife

The Camillus Animal features a Carbonitride Titanium bonded 440 stainless steel with a full tang. The full tang blade gives a more rigid handle to give one the proper strength and support for cutting. It also has a nice and smooth blade edge that makes it ideal for hunting and skinning. It has a black glass-filled nylon and rubber handle for a solid and balanced grip.


  • This knife features a tough and lightweight design.
  • The full tang feature provides strength to the cutting blade.
  • It’s suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.
  • The smooth blade edge makes it suitable for hunting/skinning.


  • The tang isn’t comfortable and may stick into your hand.


Camillus Titanium knives provide hunting enthusiasts with the most durable and tough blades for different applications. The titanium coating used on these knives makes them lighter, sturdier and resistant to stains. The highly durable blades will ensure that the next hunting expedition will be complete with the Camillus Titanium knives.

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