How To Remove Snap Ring Without Pliers?

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When you're tinkering with your bike, you realize you need to remove the Snap ring but don't have any pliers? That's when you'll wonder, "How to remove the snap rings without pliers?" Read the article below to find the solution to this problem.

What is the snap ring?

To secure components axially on shafts or bores of the bicycle, we need the snap rings item. It's inserted into grooves and provides a shoulder to prevent components like bearings from moving laterally but rotates the part.

How To Remove Snap Ring Without Pliers 2

What is the snap ring?

The snap rings have required the movement of the bicycle shaft. However, as with other parts, we may need to remove them from time to time to check for technical issues. Normally, we need specialized pliers to remove snap rings. If you don't have pliers, you can still remove snap rings by following the tips below.

A snap ring is a type of fastener.

They're designed to install or remove circlips, a fastener used to secure things together. They provide a tight fit that prevents the two pieces from separating. The snap ring fits around the circumference of the component and has a groove in it. This allows the snap ring to rotate freely while preventing lateral movement.

How to remove the snap ring without pliers?

Removing them without snap ring pliers is impossible because snap rings are difficult to reach. Furthermore, the snap ring is fitted snugly for smooth operation, making removal more difficult. However, the way below can help you to remove it without the specialized pliers easily:

Remove snap ring with a pair of punches

Don't have specialized pliers but still have punches in your kit? If so, this will work for you. To do this, you need a pair of punches and do it by following these steps:

Step 1: Place a pair of punches on the snap ring of the bike that you want to remove. The pair of punches need to fit into the hole of the snap ring.

Step 2: Take the pin between the snap ring rod as support, then slide it up and down the middle of the snap ring rod.

Step 3: Clamp the top of a pair of punches together like holding a chopstick, then remove the snap ring from the shaft.

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Remove snap ring by a pair of punches

The steps of this method are pretty simple, but it requires a bit of skill to complete. However, this method is quite effective and can succeed after a few tries.

For larger size rings such as the ones made by Smalley, there is a removal tool called the RT-108.

A Needle-nose plier - the tool you need to remove the snap ring

If you want a method to remove the snap ring, that is more simple than using a pair of punches, and you have the Needle-nose pliers to do this. The removal process below is the thing that you cannot ignore.

Just need the Needle-nose pliers - more usual than the specialized pliers, you can remove the snap rings easily.

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A Needle-nose plier - the tool you need to remove the snap ring

The way to remove the snap rings with Needle-nose pliers is quite similar to using specialized pliers. The difference is the tool you use is needle-nose pliers instead of the specialized pliers to remove the snap ring.

And to increase the effectiveness of Needle-nose pliers, you need to change their style of expression. Grinding the nose of the pliers a few jabs to have a grip at the tip like the "fingers" to help it hold on tight the snap ring and take it off the axis.

You can remove an E-clip by using either a remover tool (which looks like a pair of tweezers), a needle-nose plier, or a small, flathead screwdriver. If the pliers have a good grip and the clip isn't too strong, they can be used in a similar way to an internal circlip plier.

How to repair a snapped chainring?

A broken chainring is not only annoying but also dangerous if left unattended. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix a snapped chainring. Here are some methods to replace the chainring quickly and safely.

Replace the chainring with another one

This is probably the easiest and safest way to replace a snapped chainring. You just need to find another chainring that fits well with the existing chainring. Then, simply put the new chainring onto the crank arm and tighten it until it feels secure.

Use a replacement chainring

Chainrings come in different sizes. They're available in three sizes: small, medium, and large in most cases. The small chainring is usually used for smaller bikes, while the large chainring is suitable for larger ones.

You can buy one online or visit a local bike shop to get a replacement chainring.

Repair the damaged chainring

There are two main types of chainrings: steel and aluminium. Steel chainrings are stronger than aluminium ones. They're typically made out of chromoly steel. This means that they're less likely to break than aluminium chainrings.

However, chromoly steel is heavier than aluminium, which makes them harder to install and remove. If your chainring is cracked, you may be able to save it by replacing it with a chromoly steel chainring.

Aluminium chainrings are lighter than steel ones. They're typically manufactured from 6061 alloys. It's a popular material because it's strong and lightweight.

Aluminium chainrings are easier to install and remove than steel ones. But, they tend to wear faster. So, make sure that you check the condition of the chainring before buying it.

Some of the best snap ring pliers to remove snap rings.

Using alternative tools takes more time to remove the snap ring, while it is a routine job you have to do. The specialized pliers are the answer you need to remove snap rings fastest.

With these pliers, you just need to put it on the rod of the snap ring, then clamp the pliers' tip tightly to the snap ring and take it out.

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Some of the best snap ring pliers you can use to remove snap rings

Snap ring pliers are hand tools used to install and remove snap rings. The distinct of these pliers are from other pliers in that they have a specially designed tip for working with snap rings. The tip of standard plier models is typically flattened or sharpened.

Craftsman professional 47412 is the specialized pliers to remove the snap rings. These pliers have a powerful opening spring that will help you hold it tight to everything you need to keep. The nose of Craftsman professional 47412 is plated with Rust-resistant nickel making it have more extended longevity, and restrictions handle deteriorates over time.

Bastex heavy duty - the pliers can remove all snap rings in the place difficult to reach. Having a small nose and multiple locking positions, these pliers can hold every snap ring in the axis even though it is difficult to achieve. The defect of these pliers isn't very durable.

The Plier Lang tools 3495 come with a lifetime warranty. It can switch from internal to external mode, which is useful in various situations. The properly designed point bend under pressure limits wrist force when used while improving the plier's holding capacity.

Beley 90 degrees is the pliers made of high concentration carbon. These pliers have a 2-inch long nose that folds 90 degrees to the handle to access the hardest-to-reach places easily. The material that makes up the pliers is covered with a perfect anti-rust layer to improve the product's life, making it more durable and limiting damage when in use.

The Neiko 02130A plier comes with a sturdy tool case that gives it a professional appearance while protecting the pliers from the elements of the environment. This plier can multitask with multiple functions due to its two mechanisms, including straight and angled tips. It has a spring with a ratchet locking mechanism to help you get the job done quickly.


After reading the preceding article, do you have an answer to the question "How do I remove the ring without pliers?" I hope the above tips will help you make the ring removal a breeze. If you want to know more about bicycles and commonly used information for handling problems with bikes, please regularly follow our articles. I wish you success in removing the snap ring without specialized snap ring pliers. I hope you successfully remove the snap ring without specialized snap ring pliers.

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