Why Does my Zippo Dry Out so Fast?

If you use a Zippo lighter, then we can understand your feelings. Do you also face problems regarding drying out of your Zippo lighter or are you fed up with refilling your zippo? Or do you just want to know more about zippo lighters? If you have any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be covering everything you will ever need to know about zippo lighters. We will answer three of the most asked questions about zippo.

We will tell you step by step what you should and shouldn’t do to make your zippo last long. The three main questions we’ll be covering in this are-

1- Why does my zippo dry out so fast?

2- How long does a zippo last?

3- How can I keep a zippo lighter from losing fluids to evaporation or leaks?

So if these questions ever popped into your mind and you didn’t get the answer, don’t worry, today you will get all the answers. So let’s start with the first one, why does your zippo dry out so fast?

There are some reasons behind drying out of your zippo. It is very common with Zippo lighters to dry out. If you put your lighter unused then it will slowly leak and will be dry out in 2 weeks. The most common reason is overfilling it. So always try to fill your zippo a little low than the required amount. It will prevent it from drying out.

The second reason why your zippo dry out or leak is the shell or the insert of your zippo is deformed. If your zippo gets deformed then the gas will store in it and it will be dry out in less than 1 week. So always check for these kind faults of in your zippo. Otherwise, you will get pissed off by refiling it.

The third reason behind the drying out of your Zippo lighter could be the dust and dirt. If the dust and dirt get trapped in between the shell then it can also cause the leakage. If you check all of these and still your zippo is drying out then it’s the time to change the Zippo lighter because there is nothing you can do about it. It is better to replace and use a new one. It will cost some money right now but will save a lot later.

How long does the zippo last?

It only depends on the usage and how the way you care. If you want your zippo to last longer, then you will have to take good care of it. Zippo’s are very sensitive and it will dry out very easily. There is a very strange thing about zippo lighters which is the more you use it the more it will last. For a frequent user, zippo can last for 1 to 2 weeks but at the same time, if you don’t use it then there are chances that it will dry out in 3 or 4 days.

It is a little strange but a lot of people have seen this. Well, it varies with everyone and there is nothing specific about how many days will it last but if you want an average then, in our opinion a Zippo lighter can last up to 1 week. After that, you will have to refill it.

How can I keep a zippo lighter from losing fluids to evaporation or leaks?

We know that a lot of you were waiting for this answer because we know that it is very annoying to refill your zippo 10 times a week. A lot of people complain about they have to refill their zippo’s again and again. The fuel of the zippo gets evaporated easily and some people use rubber around the seal and to prevent this, there are some other factors that you have to take care of.

For example- if you are putting you zippo in any place where the temperature is high then you should not do this. High temperature increases the evaporation rate. Also, don’t put it in your pocket while doing any exercise that results in increasing body heat. The main reason behind the evaporation is the design of the Zippo lighter. It doesn’t come with a seal which is responsible in reducing the evaporation.

So if you are not using your zippo’s right now and you want to save it from drying out, then you should put it in an airtight box. It will help in reducing the evaporation rate. Another mistake that a lot of people make is when they get tired of refiling, they start to use other fuels which are cheap. Don’t use any other fuels except the lighter fluid.

Till now we have talked about problems and solutions of the zippo lighter but there are also some good points of using a zippo lighter. Some goods points are like they are reliable, they are cost-effective, they may last forever with proper care, and they are refillable, though they can run on any fluids but zippo recommends to use zippo fluid.

Some facts about zippo’s:

1- Zippo’s are invented in 1932 by George. G. Blaisdell. The reason why its name is zippo because George liked the zipper sound and he named it zippo.

2- Zippo can be used in any wind conditions. No matter how strong the wind is, zippo will light up.

3- Zippo are made for lifetime use. If a zippo gets damaged then the company will replace it, no matter how old the Zippo lighter was.


Zippo lighters are very popular among every age group. They are very stylish and has a cool vibe. Everything has its own pros and cons. So at last, it all depends on you and how the way you use it. We tried our level best to give you all the information. We hope that this article will help you solve every problem regarding zippo lighters.

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