[Top 9] Best Cruiser Bikes Available in 2022 (Review and Buying Guide)

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A cruiser bike is a great way to get into cycling. They are easier to ride than road bikes and offer a lot of comforts. If you want to start riding a bike, then a cruiser bike is a great choice.

There are many different types of cruiser bikes out there. Some are designed for racing, while others are meant for cruising around town. In this article, I am going to talk about the best cruiser bikes for beginners.

Our Top Pick Best Cruiser Bikes

What Is A Cruiser Bike?

A cruiser bike is a bike that combines several key features to create a stable, easy-to-ride bike, which is perfect for casual riding at low to moderate speeds. Features such as a large steel frame with simple styling, wide-set balloon tires, curved handlebars, coaster brakes, and single-speed drivetrain for pedaling are most often included. 

There are some variations of this definition, but it is the most general one. The ability to be upgraded is one of the things you will see with cruiser bikes. There can be more than one accessory included, like fender, lights, saddlebags, luggage rack, and more. While other types of bikes are more difficult to ride, cruiser bikes are more suited for cruising. They allow you to sit straight up on a comfortable seat and casualty pedal as you go around, even though they don't require you to be in any riding mode or position.

There is nothing to distract from the laid-back nature of these bikes. There is no wonder why they are popular in beach towns and have earned the name "best beach cruiser bikes" in the process. On any given day, it is common to see these bikes on the beach. They have their limitations, but no one in their right mind would use a cruiser bike for anything other than casual riding around the town.

It's why every rider should have one in their collection. It would help if you liked cruiser bikes because they remind you what biking should be and are a nice way to get to the original bikes from centuries ago. Modern engineering and technology have made them more enjoyable. They have been awarded the title of the best beach cruiser bikes because they are popular in beach towns. The essence of biking is to sit back and enjoy.

Some Types Of Cruiser Bikes


The original style of stretch cruiser bikes is an extension of the name. The frame of a stretch cruiser can be double the length and sit a little lower to the ground.

The longer frame length makes it possible for the rider to be in a more comfortable position. When riding on flatter roads and sidewalks, stretch cruiser bikes are a great option because they are easy to navigate and don't have any obstacles in the way.

There is a part of the appeal with stretch cruisers that is related to the looks factor. Some riders prefer the more laid-back vibe they give off, while others prefer the unique style they offer. There are multiple accessories and customizations to be found in stretch cruisers.

Low Rider

The cruiser bikes are mostly showy and not functional. These bikes sit low to the ground and allow the rider to sit very low as well, and often recline back to an extent, as you may have guessed.

Whitewall tires, which are smaller than 26 inches, over-Spoked wheels, large banana seats, and springer front forks are some of the more common features of low riders.

The cruiser bikes were a kind of tribute to low rider cars on the west coast.

While custom modifications were the basis of low riders, you can now find a wide range of low rider cruiser bike lines with some companies specializing in just low riders.

Even though they're not as useful as high rider bikes, low rider bikes are still suitable for casual riding and can even be used by clubs for rides. The low rider cruiser bikes are more showy than functional.


The classic cruiser has the same core features as the original, but not much more. The frame is around 50 pounds and has a design on the top tube.

The balloon style of common tires is 26 inches and 29 inches, and they are wide enough for added stability and good for handling small bumps in the road or sidewalk.

It has the best single-speed chain and a chain guard cover that powers the drivetrain.

The saddle is low and has wide coverage, as well as some springs for added shock absorption.

The cruiser has tall handlebars that wrap around on each side towards the rider, making it easier to steer without bending forwards.

Complying with puddles in the path and keeping the rider clean and dry is a common feature.

Since these are beach cruisers, there's a good chance they will have a beach theme with the paint and graphics, but this is not always a guarantee. They can be easily added on later, as well as headlights and reflectors.


The classic/beach cruiser category is the most common place where multi-speed cruiser bikes are found. The bike's use is more versatile thanks to the extra options it has in terms of gears.

The 3-speed version of most multi-speed cruiser bikes is the most popular. They use a rear cassette and derailleur for changing speeds, and the shift is mounted on the handlebars.

The top tube will be mounted with a gear shift on low rider and chopper cruiser bikes.

It is possible to ride a multi-speed cruiser bike through parts of their town with different features but still retain the casual feel and comfort.

The bicycle is a better form of transportation.


There are cruiser bikes that are very similar to chopper-style motorcycles. They combine the features of low rider bikes with chopper motorcycle features.

The front ends of the motorcycles protrude far out from the handlebars. The handlebars are mounted higher to look like the "ape hanger" design found with chopper motorcycles.

The banana seat is usually high off the frame, and the drivetrain is typically forward from the saddle, making it a more cruiser than a regular bike.

Our low rider cruiser bikes are more comfortable to ride than the choppers because they are more about style than function. They are meant for enthusiasts of this particular niche and are only for show and shorter rides.

Top 9 Best Cruiser Bikes

Best Cruiser Bikes

The 26-inch Bruiser recreational cruiser is a favorite amongst guys. The frame on the Bruiser is extended so that you have more space from your handlebars, which will allow better arm extension.

The Bruiser is a great option for a variety of activities. It is available in single, three, or seven speeds, making it the most relaxed ride out of any recreational cruiser.

The three-speed cruiser uses a top-of-the-line internal gear-shifting system, which will allow you to enjoy more high-intensity riding. It is an easy system to use and operate, and it will allow you to go farther on a cruiser bike than ever before.

The Bruiser has a large seat with double coil springs and 2.125-inch wide grippe whitewall tires that make the ride soft and smooth ride. There are various shades to choose from, and the cruiser is sure to fit your style. It works for most men from 5 to 6 feet tall.

The design of classic cruisers inspired Firmstrong's riding Bruiser, which is made to roll smoothly down paths, streets, and dirt trails.

Best Cruiser Bikes

The Schwinn Wayfarer hybrid bicycle is a great choice for a ride in a neighborhood, dirt path, or just for a leisurely ride. When you ride your Schwinn steel retro city frame and fork and swept-back handlebars down your favorite street, you'll turn heads.

Schwinn's Wayfarer comes with a seven-speed rear derailleur and twist shift shifters that will help you climb hills with ease. The wheels are solid and lightweight, which makes them perfect for use outdoors.

The front and rear linear-pull brakes provide good stopping power on all surfaces. The larger 700c wheels with thinner tires were stable and comfortable on long rides.

When riding in bad weather and with the included rear rack carrier, it is very convenient to carry your luggage in the city, and the full wrap fender provides an added touch of style. You will enjoy the freedom of riding this Schwinn.

Best Cruiser Bikes

The Around The Block cruiser is a bike that is easy to ride but also more comfortable for longer rides because of its upright riding style and tilt of the handlebars.

The Around the Block has a sleek steel frame with luxury details like foam grips on wide handlebars, a dual-spring seat, and 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels that make it easy to smooth out bumps.

The Around The Block men's bicycle has four different gears, and a 1-speed model is a great option for easy riding around the neighborhood. The 21-speed model can handle a lot of things.

The bike has a front and rear rack that can be used with optional accessories, foam grips, and a chain guard to protect pant cuffs from getting caught.

A classic and curvy men's beach cruiser bicycle with a 19-inch steel frame and blacked-out components is ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood and adds style.

The 26-inch bike is ideal for riders from 5' to 6' tall, and the 24-inch bike is perfect for riders from 4'3' to 4'11' tall.

The Sixthreezero cruiser bikes are ideal for neighborhoods, cities, parks, and beaches because they are designed with comfort, ease, and style in mind.

Best Cruiser Bikes

The sixthreezero Around The Block cruiser is a great bike for casual riders because it is comfortable, low maintenance, and ready to ride whenever you are.

Thanks to the upright riding style of the bike, longer rides are more comfortable, and it is easy to adjust the height and tilt of the handlebars for a custom ride.

The Around the Block is available in four gears, with single-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed options.

The Around the Block is a modern cruiser with an eye-catching frame.

It comes with wide handlebars, a dual-spring seat, and 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels that help smooth out the bumps on long rides, as well as high-density foam grips on the handlebars.

The Around The Block women's bike has a rear rack for optional baskets and panniers.

  • 21-speed Tourney derailleurs and friction shifters give you the strength to tackle the toughest riding conditions. The front and rear hand brakes make it easy to stop.
  • The external hub is 7-speed and can be used for a wide range of riding. The handbrakes included are front and rear.
  • You can handle longer distances and moderate hills with the help of the internal hub from the same company. The front and rear brakes are included.
  • It is ideal for flat terrain because of the single-speed model. The braking system for coasters is very simple and easy to use.
  • The bike has a rear rack and a chain guard to protect the pant cuffs from getting caught, as well as optional panniers, baskets, and other accessories.


For riders who are at least 5 feet tall, the Around The Block frame is available from 19 inches to 24 inches. It is a great place to take a stroll down the bike path or to the beach.

Best Cruiser Bikes

The cruiser bike has become a top seller with online retailers, and it has earned some excellent customer feedback. It was rated by over 70% of customers at five stars. They rated it at four stars for comfort, sturdiness, and value for money. 

It was made with the rider's comfort in mind and had a classic vintage design. It was also available in some colors, including black, red, grey, navy, purple, and teal. In single, three, and seven speeds, it can be used.

We all love the classic beach cruiser handlebars that it has. We love the seat. The seat is wide and has a quilted finish for the ultimate in riding comfort. It was possible to ride for hours without any problems.

The ride is very stable, thanks to the wide and large wheels. The cruiser frame and fork are made of durable steel.

It has a classic vintage design and was made with the rider's comfort in mind.

Best Cruiser Bikes

The Firmstrong Urban Girl cruiser bicycle is the perfect way to introduce your child to cruising and features a variety of cozy features. It is great for kids who are new to riding a bike and those training wheels.

It features 20-inch wheels and front and rear fenders, a great introduction to riding in style. The easiest and safest way for children to learn to stop is by pedaling backward on the coaster brake.

The single-speed Urban Girl is a great first or second bike for young beach bikers and doesn't get any easier, with one gear and one brake and tons of fun.

The pedals turn easily so that casual rides won't exhaust younger riders, and it's not difficult to get the Urban Girl moving. The balloon tires on the wheels are 2.125-inch wide, which makes them easy to roll on and cushion the bumps.

The cruiser has a wide seat and dual springs that make it soft and pleasant to ride.

The pant cuffs can get caught in the chain and wide cruiser bike handlebars with rubber grips. The seat can be adjusted for height or tilt.

Firmstrong has been designing bikes for over a decade, focusing on creating fun and adventurous bikes for anyone to ride.

Older riders design Firmstrong's cruisers with a classic, curvy design and durable steel frame. It is a great choice for the beach or anywhere else with a paved path because it is the size for young girls from 3" 2" to 4" 4 inches tall.

Best Cruiser Bikes

The Schwinn Perla is a classic women's cruiser bike in three attractive colors and is suitable for riders from 5'4" to 5'9" tall. The steel frame provides the rear rack for carrying luggage, and it puts the rider in a healthy, upright position.

The front and back brakes make stopping on uphill cycling fast and easy, with a 7-speed drivetrain. The double-sprung seat, quilted seat, and soft grips give a comfortable ride for long days in the saddle.

Best Cruiser Bikes

The sixzero women's beach cruiser bike is a great way to commute, carry groceries or enjoy weekend rides. It has thick, treaded tires that can handle off-road riding and a rear pannier rack that can be used for short tours.

  • The wheels were 242.25′′.
  • The Tourney derailleur has 7-speeds.

The wide bullhorn handlebars and low-slung saddle give riders a comfortable ride along the beachfront or city streets. You will not have to worry about pedaling uphill or exploring more varied terrain with the expansive 7-speed Shimano drivetrain.

Best Cruiser Bikes

Smooth gliding across a range of different terrains can be achieved with this fat tire cruiser.

This electric bike has you covered if you want to get to the office or take a cruise along the beach. The frame is made of carbon steel and shock-resistant. The bike is strong as it weighs 68lb and has a max loading weight of 300lb.

The NAKTO cruiser has a 300-watt motor that is capable of generating a top speed of 30mph. The beach cruiser has a 36V10Ah battery with a pedal-assist range of around 30-40 miles. This cruiser's tires are an area of discussion. You will be able to get out of various sticky situations with the help of these 264 wheels.

A step-through frame is suitable for various body shapes and sizes and helps riders keep a low center of gravity.

The Cons – There are a few very average areas of this e-bike – the pedals (a little generic) and the brakes (noisy and difficult to control at times). The cruiser lacks good suspension, making it hard for riders to feel the impact of the terrain below on their backsides.

  • The frame is aluminum.
  • The battery is 35V 10Ah.
  • It takes four h to charge.
  • The speed is 6-speed.

There are a few very average areas of this e-bike, but the pedals and brakes are very noisy and difficult to control at times.

How to choose the best Cruiser Bike?

Many people like heavier bikes, like mountain bikes, for this reason.

We were able to ride as many as we could when we got our cruiser. The ones that were not tested have been carefully chosen because they have something to offer. Some of our all-time favorites are no longer available, so we have to remove them from the list. We know from experience that a good beach cruiser should have value, quality parts, good user reviews, and an aesthetic pleasing to the eye. We recommend a beach cruiser for bike rides, no matter where you are.


Best Cruiser Bikes 1

Are you able to ride beach cruiser bikes on the long road?

Yes! Beach cruisers are designed to go anywhere. They are perfect for commuting, cruising down the boardwalk, taking scenic routes through town, or even going up hills. If your local roads don't provide enough challenge, there are plenty of places in the world where you'll find challenging dirt paths and trails.

What are the best bikes to ride for women?

Women love riding cruisers too. There are some great options for women who like to explore new territory while still looking stylish. These bikes tend to come equipped with smaller frames than men's models, making them easier to maneuver in tight spaces. Plus, most women prefer shorter cranks and lower seat heights, giving them better balance and comfort.

Are our cruiser bikes good for long rides?

Depending on the type of trial you have. You won't be riding fast trails like a mountain biker or using top speeds like a city biker, but a beach cruiser will comfortably allow you to travel long distances. If you are driving a sixthreezero hybrid cruiser with electric or assisted power, this is true as well.

Do cruiser bikes make good for hills?

Riding on hills can mean different things to different people. It involves upslopes and narrow descents. You have to ride the bike through the hilly roads to get it to take tremendous pressure. You need dual suspension for that. You need to have a large body and sound shock absorbers. That is the reason there is a different type of bike called a mountain bike. Mountain and cruiser bikes are not the same. They have differences in their looks, strengths, and structure. The mountain bikes are best for the steep terrains, while the cruiser bikes are best suited for flat roads.

A mountain bike is the best choice if you are looking for a bike to traverse off-road trails and hilly roads. They will offer more safety and comfort as compared to a cruiser bike.

Is it safe to use cruiser bikes on public streets?

Absolutely! Many cities now allow cyclists to share the street with cars. More states are passing laws allowing cyclists to do exactly what cruiser bikes are built for: travel safely alongside traffic. You may be surprised by how much space cruiser bikes take up compared to regular bicycles. This means that if you want to avoid conflict between vehicles and riders, you need to stay out of their way. That said, cruiser bikes aren't made for racing; they're meant to get around town quickly and comfortably. So, if you plan to race against others, consider another type of bicycle instead.

What is the difference between cruiser bikes and sportbikes?

Cruiser bikes are generally lighter than sportbikes. Sportbikes typically weigh about 20 pounds heavier than cruiser bikes. However, this doesn't mean that cruiser bikes lack power. On the contrary, cruiser bikes often feature larger wheels and tires, which give them greater stability at higher speeds. Additionally, cruiser bikes usually include wider seats and handles, providing extra support for taller riders.

Can I lose weight on a cruiser bike?

If you have trouble losing weight, try switching from a road bike to a cruiser bike. Road bikes are known as "all-rounder" bikes because they excel at everything from flatland races to mountain climbs. But when it comes time to ride along the beach, cruise down the boardwalk, or enjoy an afternoon stroll, many people feel uncomfortable on road bikes. A cruiser bike gives you all the benefits of a road bike but none of its drawbacks. It lets you go places where you might not otherwise dare to venture. And best of all, you'll look cool doing it.

How does a cruiser bike differ from a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike combines elements of both road bikes and cruisers. They offer the same versatility as cruiser bikes but add the speed and efficiency of a road bike. Hybrid bikes are perfect for commuters who don't mind sacrificing style for convenience. If you live in San Francisco, where cycling is common, you should probably buy a hybrid bike. Otherwise, stick with a cruiser bike.

What is the best brand of cruiser bikes?

Best Cruiser Bikes 3

The most popular brands of cruiser bikes are Schwinn, Firmstrong, Schwinn, Sixthreezero, and NAKTO. These companies make some of the highest quality cruiser bikes available today. Each company has something unique to offer, so shop carefully before making your purchase.

What is the most comfortable cruiser bike?

There are many models of cruiser bikes that everyone loves. Some prefer upright handlebars, and some prefer drop bars. Some love wide saddles while others prefer narrow ones. No right or wrong answer here. What matters most is finding something that feels good to you. Once you find that thing, you can start looking into other features such as suspension systems, brakes, gears, etc.


As long as you keep these tips in mind, cruising will become second nature. Cruising is fun, safe, healthy, affordable, and easy. The only downside is that there's always room for improvement. Keep reading our blog for new information on cruiser biking. We hope you enjoyed learning about cruiser bikes. Good luck riding!

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