[Top 5] Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000

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Gravel biking has become increasingly popular in recent years. It's a fun way to get out into nature and enjoy the outdoors. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before buying a bike.

There are many types of gravel bikes on the market today. Some are designed for commuting, while others are built for off-road adventures. The type of gravel bike you choose depends on your needs.

Our Top Pick Best Gravel Bikes Under $1000

HILAND Road Bike 700C City Commuter Bicycle with 14 Speeds Drivetrain Silver 50 cm Frame
HILAND Road Bike 700C City Commuter Bicycle with 14 Speeds Drivetrain Silver 50 cm Frame
Frame:Durable Hiland hi-Ten steel frame and fork brings more comfortable.; Shifters:Shimano SY20A thumb shifter with 14 Speeds.
EUROBIKE Dual Disc Brake XC550 Road Bike 21 Speed Shifting System 54Cm Steel Frame 700C 3-Spoke Wheels Bicycle
EUROBIKE Dual Disc Brake XC550 Road Bike 21 Speed Shifting System 54Cm Steel Frame 700C 3-Spoke Wheels Bicycle
Eurobike Road Bike XC550 with 54cm frame,Dual Disc Brake and 21 Speed Shifting system
$379.00 −$20.00 $359.00
Schwinn Fastback AL Claris Adult Performance Road Bike, Beginner to Intermediate Bicycle Riders, 700c Wheels, 16-Speed Drivetrain, Large Aluminum Frame,...
Schwinn Fastback AL Claris Adult Performance Road Bike, Beginner to Intermediate Bicycle Riders, 700c Wheels, 16-Speed Drivetrain, Large Aluminum Frame,...
Alex X2200 double-wall rims with Schwinn aluminum road hubs, and Schwinn 700 x 25c tires; Promax aluminum caliper brakes. Schwinn S2 saddle, stem, and handlebar with cork bar tape

What Is A Gravel Bike?

A gravel bike is a drop-bar bike that lets you ride over a lot of different surfaces. The drop handlebars and road bike-like design mean that you can go fast on the road and head off the beaten track if you use the right tires, stable handling, and a good diet of calories. Gravel bikes are also known as a blend of road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes.

The gravel bike category is very similar to the rest of the bike category in that it can look different from one manufacturer to another.

Depending on the riding you plan, you should choose the right gravel bike for you. The design features that define a gravel bike are what we will take a closer look at.

The Different Types Of Gravel Bikes

Aggressive Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are perfect for road events because of their aggressive riding position and wide tires, but also perfect for sports and casual road events for a set of slick/narrow tires. They're great for getting around town or city streets as well as country roads.

Commuting Gravel Bike

Commuting gravel bikes have been gaining popularity recently since they offer an alternative to car ownership. These bikes are ideal for short trips where you don't need much power or speed. Commuter-style bikes tend to be lighter than mountain bikes, so they make excellent choices when travelling long distances by train or bus.

Relaxed Gravel Bikes

These bikes are more relaxed versions of aggressive models. They still feature wider tires which makes them suitable for rough terrain. However, these bikes often come equipped with suspension forks instead of rigid frames. This means that they will absorb bumps better and provide smoother rides.

Best Gravel Bikes Under $1000

Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000

Offering both medium and large sizes, the Hiland Road Bike 700C Racing is suitable for men and women who want a light enough bike to be transported easily yet durable enough to last a long time. Its matte aluminium frame makes this bike extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry around and comfortable to ride. Its mechanical disc brake style is also useful and helps prevent you from building up too many speeds when the rush hour strikes.

This bicycle offers great value for money. You can ride it on rough terrain just as easily as on smooth roads. But we still don't recommend using this bicycle on anything too treacherous if your goal is to avoid damage and maintain high quality and performance.

With a top speed of 28 mph, this bike is ideal for those who need the best of both worlds. It offers the stability of a mountain bike but the speed of a road bicycle. It is perfect for those who want to ride fast on roads and enjoy riding off-road.


- Lightweight and easy to carry.

- Easy to install and disassemble.

- Good performance and durability.

- Free assembly tools and pedals included

Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000

This bicycle is designed to be ridden on a long distance. It has a high-end durable frame that is made to last a long time. It also has a front fork that improves its comfort level and makes it easier to ride. What is good about this bicycle is that its tires are high-performance Kenda 700x25c tires which make the ride faster and more efficient. While the drop handles of this road bike improve its aerodynamic posture to fool intense winds and save time, they are available in two attractive colours: black and silver.

An agile, proficient, light bike that gives you a great advantage over other bikes. It offers you a Shimano SY 20A thumb shifter that is easy to use. The bike, when delivered, is 85% pre-assemble. The assembly is easy and provides you with all the necessary tools. It is fully assembled and weighs around 27 lbs, which is heavier than most bikes, but you can't find anything better for the price.


  • More comfortable than other bikes.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Free assembly tools and pedals included
  • Good performance.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Great value for money.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000

This bike is an excellent choice for people looking for something affordable. This bike comes at a very low cost compared to others. However, what sets it apart from other bicycles is that it features a wide range of gears so that you will not have any problem going uphill or downhill. With a maximum speed of 25mph, this bike is ideal for taking you places quickly without having to worry about getting stuck behind slower riders.

The bike is built with a sturdy steel frame that ensures safety while riding. A rear suspension system allows the rider to go down hills smoothly and comfortably. The handlebars come equipped with grips that provide extra support during tough rides.

It is important to note that this bike does not include pedals. So, before buying this product, ensure that you already own them. If not, then you should buy some because they are essential accessories. They help you pedal efficiently by providing leverage against gravity. You may choose between toe clips and clipless pedals, depending on your preference.

It is recommended to get this bike if you live in areas where there are lots of hills. Also, if you like cycling as part of your daily routine, then this bike would work well for you.


  • Affordable.
  • Wide range of gears.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Comfortable seat post.
  • Suspension system.
Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000

This bike is perfect for those who want to enjoy their leisure time biking, running, walking, etc. Its lightweight design means that you do not need much strength to move it from one place to another. Moreover, the wheels allow you to roll along even rough surfaces easily. Another thing worth mentioning is that the brakes offer reliable braking power.

When purchasing this bike, you must know that it only includes a single gear. Therefore, you cannot change speeds using the derailleur. Instead, you will be forced to shift manually. It also has no front brake. Thus, you will need to purchase additional parts if you wish to add these two components.

If you plan to ride long distances, this bicycle might not suit you since its weight makes it difficult to maintain balance. In addition, the tires are too small. As a result, you could experience discomfort after several hours of riding.

However, if you prefer comfort over performance, then this bike can serve you just fine. It offers great value for money considering all the benefits mentioned above.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good quality materials used.
  • Consistent durability.
Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000

This bike is designed specifically for beginners. It provides easy access to different types of terrain, including roads, paths, trails, and more. Furthermore, it is made out of high-quality aluminium alloy, which gives it exceptional stability.

You will find that the saddle height adjusts automatically when needed. This feature helps prevent injuries caused by improper positioning. Additionally, the adjustable stem lets you adjust the position of the handlebar according to your preferences.

 It comes with a Shimano Claris 16-speed drivetrain, Schwinn 50/34T compact crank, Claris shifters, and Sunrace 11-34T cassette.

The large chainring ensures smooth pedalling while climbing up steep inclines. The frame comes equipped with disc brakes so you can stop quickly without having to worry about losing control. However, you have to remember that this model lacks rear suspension. Hence, you will feel uncomfortable during longer rides, especially if you encounter rough road conditions.

In conclusion, this bike is ideal for beginner cyclists looking for an affordable option. Nevertheless, we recommend getting something else if you intend to race or compete regularly.


  • Adjustable seat post.
  • Large chainring.
  • Disc brakes.

How To Choose The Best Gravel Bike

Choosing the best gravel bike isn't easy. There are hundreds of options available online and in stores. If you want something specific, then you may find yourself having to spend hours researching each model until you finally settle on one.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you won't end up choosing the wrong bike. Choosing the wrong bike could cost you money, time and even cause injury. So how do you know whether you've chosen the right bike? Here are some tips:

Look For A Frame That Is Rigid And Stable

When looking for a gravel bike, you'll notice that most manufacturers opt for a frame made out of steel rather than aluminium. Steel offers strength and durability, whereas aluminium tends to bend easily. When buying a bicycle, you want to ensure that the frame has enough rigidity to support its weight without bending too far. 

A carbon fork is usually used on high-performance bicycles, but many other materials, including titanium and stainless steel, can be used. Look for a material that provides stability and stiffness while being lightweight.

Check Out The Brakes & Tyres

Braking systems vary between brands, but all high-performance gravel bikes include disc brakes. Discs brake pads wear down quickly, especially during wet weather conditions. Therefore, it's important to check your braking system before purchasing any bike. You can test your brakes using a piece of paper. Please fold the paper into quarters and place it underneath the front wheel. Then push down hard on both sides of the handlebars while simultaneously pressing down on the pedals. If the paper stays flat after doing this, then you have good brakes.

Make Sure It Has Good Suspension

Suspension is another key factor to look at when selecting a gravel bike. Most modern bikes now come with adjustable suspensions. Adjusting the shock absorbers allows you to change the amount of dampening provided by the shocks. By adjusting the settings, you can choose from soft, medium, and firm. Soft settings allow the bike to travel over small obstacles such as potholes, while firmer settings help prevent damage to the wheels.

Take Care Of Your Gearbox

Gearboxes also play an integral part in ensuring smooth riding. Some people prefer derailleur gears because they offer greater versatility. Others like single-speed bicycles because they require no maintenance. Whatever gearbox you decide upon, make sure that it works well and does not need regular servicing.

Disk brakes

The disk brake was invented in 1885 by German engineer Wilhelm Maybach. They were originally designed for use on motorcycles. However, their popularity grew rapidly among cyclists who appreciated them for their simplicity and reliability. Today, almost every road racing cyclist uses a pair of these powerful yet simple devices.

Mechanical disc brakes consist of the calliper, the friction discs, and the hub or rotor, which houses the spindle bearings. As the rider applies pressure to the lever arm, the callipers squeeze together, forcing the pads against the tire's rim, creating frictional force. This causes heat to build up inside the pad causing them to expand slightly, thus reducing the contact area between the pad and the rim.

Hydraulic disc brakes work similarly to mechanical ones, except instead of relying on metal-on-metal contact, hydraulic fluid transfers energy through pistons pushing back onto the pads. These brakes tend to provide better stopping power than mechanical versions due to the increased surface area created by the piston movement. However, they do suffer from overheating issues, so if you live somewhere hot, consider investing in some form of the cooling device.

Pay Attention To Other Features

Other features worth considering include saddle height, seat post length, tire width, and tire pressure. Saddles should be a comfortable ride and provide adequate padding. Seat posts should fit securely within their respective seats to don't move around or fall off. Tires should be wide enough to avoid pinch flats and narrow enough to keep mud away from the rims. Finally, tires should be inflated properly to reduce rolling resistance.

Look At Reputable Brands Before Purchasing

When looking for a new bike, always consider reputable brands. This will ensure that you're buying something reliable and durable. A brand name may seem expensive initially, but it could last you many years if you take care of it.

Check Out Deal Websites For Discounted Prices

There are plenty of deal websites out there offering discounted prices on everything from clothing to electronics. Why not use them to get yourself a bargain on a quality bicycle too? Just search through the website listings until you see what catches your eye.

Consider Your Budget

If you're planning on spending less than £500, plenty of budget gravel bikes are available. However, if you're willing to pay more, you might consider investing in a higher-quality bike.

Consider Buying Used Bikes Online

Buying a bicycle online has become increasingly popular among consumers. There are several websites where you can find cheap used bikes. All you need to do is enter your specifications and compare prices across various sites. The process takes just minutes, and you'll receive numerous options to pick from.


Gravel Bikes Under 1000

Are Gravel Bikes Slower Than Road Bikes?

Gravel bikes aren't necessarily slow; however, they lack some of the aerodynamic benefits associated with road bikes. They tend to weigh slightly more than other mountain bikes due to the extra weight required to support larger tires. As a result, they often feel sluggish compared to road bikes.

How Much Luggage Space Do Gravel Bikes Have?

Most gravel bikes have about 20 litres of storage capacity. That's roughly equivalent to two backpacks. You won't be able to carry any additional items, though.

What You Need Look For In The Best Gravel Bikes

Do Gravel Bikes Have Suspension?

Yes! Most models come equipped with front and rear shock absorbers. This helps absorb bumps while keeping the rider stable.

Are Gravel Bikes Any Good?

Absolutely! While most people associate gravel biking with dirt roads, this isn't true at all. Many paved trails also offer excellent opportunities for riding gravel bikes. Plus, as mentioned earlier, gravel bikes are great for commuting because they're easy to ride anywhere.

Which Type Of Gravel Bike Is Right For Me?

This depends entirely upon how far you plan on travelling each day. Road bikes are ideal for longer trips, whereas gravel bikes work well when travelling short distances.

How Is A Gravel Bike Different From Other Bikes?

A gravel bike differs significantly from the traditional road or hybrid bicycles. It features wider tires and heavier frames. Additionally, gravel bikes typically don't include gears. Instead, riders must manually shift their gear using levers located near the handlebars.

Is A Gravel Bike Safe?

As long as you follow basic safety rules, you should be fine. Make sure to wear proper footwear and keep an eye out for traffic. Also, make sure to stay off busy highways whenever possible.


Many different factors influence what kind of bike will suit you best. Some like comfort over speed. Others prefer stability over style. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Regardless of whether you choose a road bike, hybrid bike, or even a gravel bike, you'll enjoy the experience.

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