[Top 8] Best BMX Bikes Available in 2022 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

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BMX is an inclusive and diverse form of cycling that covers coastal cultures, urban stunt riding, and hard-nosed rural competition in a single, vaguely drawn concept. The sport of bike riding was developed quickly in 1969 with the conversion of Schwinns to bikes. Its options now include everything from 12-pound terrors for six-year-old Expert-category riders to the 29-inch "bike life" cruiser beloved of the Brooklyn wheelie crowd.

It is possible to race your BMX bike on a skate park, but the diversity of adult-sized BMX bikes is not as outrageous as is it on the mountain, and you can give up performance in one area to gain it elsewhere.

In this article, we will look at some of the best BMX bikes available today. We have selected these based on their popularity among consumers, quality, value, durability, and overall appeal. If you are looking for something more specific such as a beginner or racing model, check out our other articles here: Beginner Bike Reviews | Racing Bike Reviews.

Best BMX Bikes 2022 – Top Picks

Mongoose Legion Mag Kids Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike, Beginner Riders, Girls and Boys, 20-Inch Stylish Aluminum Mag Wheels With 4 Axle Pegs, Hi-Ten Steel...
Mongoose Legion Mag Kids Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike, Beginner Riders, Girls and Boys, 20-Inch Stylish Aluminum Mag Wheels With 4 Axle Pegs, Hi-Ten Steel...
Cable detangler for 360 degree handlebar spins and alloy rear U-brakes for secure stops; Comes with kickstand, chain guard, and 4 freestyle pegs
Best BMX Bikes

There is no other BMX brand in the world that is as famous as Mongoose. Many people have had or wanted a BMX since the 1980s, and most will have done so at some point.

The Legion L20 is a bike designed to be an affordable option for parents to get their kids on a BMX bike. It is designed to fit people who are between the ages of 4 and 5.

The bike has a 48mm stem, rather than the 53mm stem used in other bikes. The bars are a bit more comfortable for your shredder to reach with the shorter stem.

You can find your child ready to barspin before you get to watch them attempt it with a Gyro fitted to the bike.

The bike is made from hi-ten steel and is more affordable than the Mongoose. The strength of Hi-ten steel is just as strong as 4130, but it will be slightly heavier and less refined.

The zing you get with 4130 will feel more lifeless than the zing you get with a budget product, and it makes sense to stick to a budget when buying for a child.

Best BMX Bikes

The other bikes in our lineup are different from the second Mongoose. A race BMX is not a freestyle BMX. Most towns across the world have BMX tracks that can be used for Race BMX.

You can learn to ride fast and use that to become a national champion, or you can use those skills to get a freestyle ride.

6061 aluminium is more responsive than a 4130 frame and will give your bike a boost when you press down on your pedals.

You can imagine a race bike with a sealed bearing, and the Mongoose Title is one of them. The bottom brackets of the bearing are sealed. The road bike press-fit system created by the company is called the "BB86".

The bars and forks on the title are made from 4130 steel. You want to be safe when you ride over large jumps and want your parts to last a long time. The price tag on the title isn't as reassuring as it could be.

Best BMX Bikes

The perfect bike for men to have some fun with is this one. It's handsome and very fun to ride.

This one has included front and rear pegs, so you don't have to buy an external one if you're doing the tricks after you buy it.

When most BMX bikes come with rear brakes, the front and rear handbrakes need to be used.

The saddle of the bike is designed to provide extra comfort to its riders. The Tig-welded freestyle steel frame and fork give it more durability and glamour.

The joint of the wheel and handlebars are stronger with the help of the 4-bolt alloy CNC stem. The smooth tires on this bike make it easy to ride and keep it stable.

The bike weighs more than 20 percent of the total weight. If you need a better freestyle single-speed BMX bike, then this one could be the one for you.

Best BMX Bikes

The Legion L500 has a full 4130 frame, and there are removable brake mounts that can be easier to use and repair. The BMX bike's top tube length is 21 inches. 

The lightweight technology used in it makes it one of the lightest BMXs on the market. The design of the race bike seat is based on the saddle of the bike.

It has a 25T aluminum chainring that makes it comfortable to ride on and 175mm two-piece tubular hollow spindle cranks.

The bike has a sealed bearing bottom bracket. The pedals are included in it. The most special thing about it is This bike has a lifetime warranty on the frame. You have to be the original retail purchase owner to own this bike.

The wheelset of the BMX bike is made of aluminum and features wide tires on double Wall 36H rims with a rear hub that is sealed with a free coaster.

A threadless sealed headset with a 50 MM stem and aluminum brake levers on the 4130 chromo handlebars and fork.

Best BMX Bikes

The BMX is highly specified and has a lot of modern features. The frame is made of aluminum, and the handlebars are big with a height of just over 8 feet.

The bike has a single wall alloy front rim and double-wall alloy rear rim, making it very comfortable to ride, and the flat tire makes it easy for riders to ride with ease.

This is made stronger by its built quality, which is even stronger by the tapered fork legs. The internal headset and top load stem have been made in a way to improve steering performance.

The bottom of the vehicle has been sealed so that it doesn't leak. The saddle of this bike is made of leather and is comfortable for the rider.

The bike has a rear brake that makes it harder to break. This one is very light and light as a BMX, weighing in at 26 lbs. This one is designed for off-road use.

This bike is a beginner-level bike but fulfills every requirement a BMX has to complete bike. It's a benchmark for beginners.

Best BMX Bikes

This edition of the BMX bike has an intuitive caliper brake. Any weather can be worked on by the intuitive brake of this bike. The gum wall tires are much improved in stopping where they are intended to be stopped.

The bike's top tube is 24 inches long and designed to make riding smooth and comfortable. The riders will find a more stable ride with this top tube.

The fork and handlebars of this bike are made of a hi-ten steel frame and Chromoly frame, which makes them reliable and allows for control over the bike.

The frame on this bike is built to follow a freestyle geometry with larger wheels to make it easier to ride on any terrain.

The frame is made of 100% aluminum, which makes it the strongest one. This big BMX can carry up to 250 lbs of load, that's categorized as a big BMX.

The wheel size is 24 inches, and the hubs are fully sealed. It has rattrap pedals on it as well.

This bike has a middle-sealed bottom bracket. If you are in the market for a big BMX, this is the package you are looking for. The package for the Schwinn Predator Team 24 bike is 34 pounds.

Best BMX Bikes

This one is an entry-level park BMX bike that has all the features a BMX should have. A model of BMX that is perfect for beginners and basic freestylers.

This BMX bicycle reacts when needed due to the smooth turn in the wrench and headset provided by the unsealed American Loose metal rollers.

The bike's hi-ten steel frame and 8 inch Rise handlebars make for a smooth ride on the street or in the park.

Larger riders who need more space between the saddle and handlebars can find a better fit on this bike with the extra-long tube.

Solid Hi-Ten steel is used to make the edge, ideal for the road, park, or trails.

It also has a rear U-brake that's better for braking and other modern add-ons. This would be a great choice for those new to the BMX world.

Best BMX Bikes

The BMX is highly specified and has almost every modern feature. This one comes with a big 29" handlebars with a height of 8.5" and specialized aluminum frames.

The rear and front tires of the bike are very comfortable for a smooth ride to the riders, and the front rim is a single wall alloy.

The built quality is stronger than anyone because of the tapered fork legs. It has a better steering performance due to its internal headset and top load stem.

There is a sealed bottom section with 4130 3-piece cranks. The saddle of this bike is made to fit the person riding it.

This bike has a rear U-brake, which improves the performance of the brakes. The one that weighs 26 lbs is very light and works well as a BMX. This one is designed for off-road use.

The bike is a beginner-level bike that complies with all the requirements for a BMX. It is a benchmark for beginners.

Buying guide for BEST BMX BIKES

Best BMX Bikes 7


The acronym for bicycle motocross is BMX. The term was created in the 70s when kids raced their bikes on dirt tracks. The origination was dedicated to the racing side of things, emphasizing jumping, speed, and style. Then a new BMX genre formed when tricks began to make their way into this new sport. There are two types of BMX racing and freestyle BMX. If you want to know more about the subject at hand, you should check out the information on Wikipedia.


BMX stands for Bike Moto Cross. Kids imitating dirt bikes and motocross racers are what the term originally was used for. Over the years, the meaning has expanded and could mean several things. It could mean anything from BMX freestyle to BMX racing if a BMX rider tells someone they ride BMX. They might become interested in a bit of everything. Since they are very different worlds, we usually find racing and freestyle separated. BMX Union focuses on the freestyle aspect because the racing side is a whole thing on its own, with many different brands and events that only cater to racing, such as Profile Racing and S&M Bikes.

Where will you ride?

Depending on where you ride, the demands on your BMX bike will be different. There are five different riding scenarios, each of which requires a specific bike feature. The following are some of the differences between BMX bikes.

Street: It's like bike parkour. When I was cruising through an urban environment, I was inspired by a set of stairs and rails. This bike needs to be a bit stronger and heavier to deal with those hard hits.

Dirt: You need a bike that can survive midair bails if you want to get big air. These bikes have knobby tires that are deeper, thicker, and have more traction on the off-road.

The bikes are built for riding in a controlled environment. There aren't any unexpected surfaces or traction concerns when the tires are thinner with smaller treads. For dirt or street riding, the bikes are usually heavier than the street bikes.

Flatland: If you are interested in riding in this style, you need to focus on grace rather than big air. This bike's frame is different from the other frames focused on achieving balance in a wide variety of riding positions. The car's pegs on the front and rear allow the wheel to roll backward, while the rear hub prevents the wheel from rolling backward if the brakes are not engaged. The bikes have slick treads on their tires.

Racetrack: There are two distinct differences on a racing bike. The brakes are almost always on these bikes, and the chainring/sprocket is usually attached to the crank so the rider can go faster. Racing bikes are more efficient than non-racing bikes.



BMX and brakes are not good friends, that's for sure. The cables can make it difficult to perform some tricks. When there is a nasty spill, the lever can cause injury in the heat of the moment.

The average biker has to ride through traffic to get to their destination, and that requires brakes, but that isn't something you can do at the park. Brakes are a necessity when traveling for the first time because they can be a hazard and an annoyance if you don't use them.

The compromise in BMX? Only the rear brakes. The rear triangle on the bike's back frame is where the brakes are located, so they're out of the way of the rider.

Bearings and rims

The metal balls in the Bearings are located inside the spinning or rotating parts of the bike. These can either be opened or sealed.

The wear out of unsealed bearings is faster than with sealed bearings.

Compared to standard bearings, sealed bearings are more expensive, durable, and allow for smoother motion.

There are three ways to make a rim: single-, double-, or triple-walled. The higher the level, the stronger the rim, but it also comes with a price increase.

Tire types

The BMX bike tires have been specifically designed for that type of riding. The categories are slick, multi-purpose, and knobby.

A slick tire does not have a lot of treads. Some riders use these tires for parks and ramps, but they are the best for flatland.

The multi-purpose tire is not enough to offer much resistance, despite having a little more tread. If you want to use your bike for various reasons, such as in a park or on the street, this is the tire to use.

The deeper grooves on the Knobby are designed to give you more traction in the dirt and on trails.

The air pressure and thickness of BMX tires are other considerations.

The thickness of most BMX tires is between 1.5 and 2.5 inches. According to a general rule of thumb, thinner tires are quicker and thicker tires increase balance and traction.

The lower the tire's air pressure, the less give it will give. If you ride a lot on harder surfaces, you'll get softer landings if you ride at a lower pressure. The harder the tire, the faster it goes. Speed is the more important factor, and these are better when that is the case.


The rear wheel is the most important part of the wheel, and it is the center that you are most interested in. There are four types of hubs: freewheel, cassette, free coaster, and coaster brake.

A freewheel is a wheel that allows you to coast when not pedaling. The two parts of the puzzle are the ratchet and the cog. The hub has an external piece threaded onto it.

When not pedaling, a cassette allows you to coast. The hub has a different look than the part of the cog that has the ratchet inside it. It's easier to service, and it's less heavy than the freewheel. This is the most popular choice for BMX bikers.

The Freecoaster hub can help the rear wheel coast backward.

When the rider pedals back, the coaster brake will stop the bike. It is not used by freestylers. It will make it impossible for the biker to attempt many tricks.


A BMX bike is not the same as a normal bike. Both children and adults can ride bikes with the same wheel size because a smaller frame is needed to execute tricks. BMX bikes can be used by children of different ages and have a wide range of sizes. The bike's size difference is determined by how long the top tube is from the seat to the handlebars. The user preference ultimately comes down to, but the top tube length is generally related to the rider's height.


You need to make sure that the frame you use for the bike is strong and durable. Many frames we mentioned are made of Chromoly, known to be the best amongst all with the top-notch quality. If you have stumbled across any frame material other than the above one, you will know that it's equally good for the whole bike performance.

A hi-tensile steel frame is the right choice for children, beginners, and casual riders on a budget.

BMX frames can be formed using hydroforming, and it's used extensively in road bikes and mountain bikes.


What size BMX bikes do adults use?

Adult BMX bikes come in three main categories: short, medium, and tall. A short adult bike would typically measure between 48" - 52". Medium-sized bikes usually fall around 54 "-58", and taller ones go up to 60 "-62". Adult BMX bikes also vary greatly in weight; some weigh only 15 pounds or so, whereas others may weigh over 100 lbs!

What BMX bikes do the pros ride?

Pro-level BMX bikes tend to be larger than those ridden by amateurs. They're often built like race cars and feature high-end components such as Shimano XT drivetrains, SRAM Force 1 cranksets, Avid Elixir brakes, etc. Pro-level bikes are generally heavier, too, weighing anywhere from 50lbs to 80+ lbs.

Is it a 20 inch BMX bike for adults?

Yes, if your goal is just riding around town without doing anything extreme. You'll want something more stable than a 16" bike, though.

How much does a BMX bike cost?

Several factors determine what price point you should expect to pay for a new BMX bicycle. These include brand name, type of wheels, materials used, number of gears, disc brakes or drum brakes, and even the color scheme chosen.

What brand of BMX bike is the best?

This depends entirely upon personal taste and preferences. Some people prefer brands they've heard about before, while others choose based on their own research. There are plenty of great options, including Giant, Specialized, Trek, Fuji, Kenda, Mongoose, and many more.

Do BMX bikes come with brakes? 

Most modern BMX bicycles now come equipped with front and rear brake systems. The most common types of braking systems found on BMX bikes are rim brakes and disk brakes. Rim brakes consist of two pads attached to each side of the wheel hub. Disk brakes work similarly, except they have one pad at either end of the rotor instead of having two pads per side. Most BMX bikes today come standard with both types of brakes.

Why Should You Avoid Cheap BMX Bike Brands?

The first thing to consider when buying a cheap BMX bike is how well constructed it actually is. It doesn't matter how low-priced a product might seem. If it isn't properly manufactured, then it could break down quickly. This means that you don't get the same warranty protection as you would with higher-priced products. Another important factor to look into is the safety features included. If a manufacturer skips these items, then this will likely show through in poor-quality construction.

In addition to all of this, make sure that any parts you purchase are compatible with other pieces of equipment. For example, if you buy an inexpensive set of tires but later decide to upgrade them to tubeless-ready rims, you won't be able to install them unless you replace the entire tire/rim combination.

Finally, check the overall condition of the product itself. Is everything working correctly? Are there signs of wear and tear? How long has the item been sitting on store shelves? All of these things can help you avoid purchasing a poorly made piece of equipment.

Final Verdict

You can get these bikes at your doorstep because all of them are available in your favorite stores. If this is new to you, there isn't much to think about. You can go if you choose the one according to your budget. The only purpose of the above small guide is to help all the beginners choose their bikes in the best affordable range possible, which can last longer.

Different levels of the best BMX bikes start from the very basic or, say, beginner level and go beyond the professional level. You can get started with it right away if you choose according to your purpose. Since there are lots of ranges available, the budget works out well.

The beginner level is where the best BMX bikes start, but there are different levels of the best bikes at the professional level.

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