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Remington 750 Woodsmaster Review

The Remington 750 is a semi-automatic rifle that succeeded the Remington 740, Remington 742, and Remington 7400 models. Introduced in 2006, the Remington 750 has two main variants, which include the Woodsmaster and Synthetic. While the Woodsmaster entered the market in 2006, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007.

Both these models are similar in design since all feature an improved gas-operated action so that you won’t feel the recoil until the shot leaves the barrel. However, while the Synthetic model features a synthetic stock and fore-end, the Woodsmaster has a walnut stock and fore-end. You can also mount the Woodsmaster on a sling using a swivel stud.

The Remington 750 Woodsmaster

It’s rare for the design of semi-automatic rifles to remain unchanged for a very long time. However, the Remington 750 Woodsmaster represents the first major change in the design of the Remington line of hunting rifles since the Model 7400.

The Woodsmaster is a hammerless, solid breech rifle that comes with the .25, .30, .32, and .35 Remington cartridges. It has a barrel that measures 22-inches long and protected from recoil by a rigid metal jacket.

Featuring a straight grip design, the Woodsmaster holds four rounds of ammunition in its detachable box magazine. Depending on the shooter’s preferences, they can load it singly or buy a full clip.

The Woodsmaster features a more traditional walnut stock and fore-end. Coming in five different grades, this Remington rifle model is suitable even to the choosy sportsman. This gas-operated semi-automatic rifle weighs 7.25-lbs and 7.5-lbs and comes with an adjustable rear, drilled, and ramp front sights.

New Features

The Remington 750 Woodsmaster is one of the best-looking hunting rifles ever made. Compared to previous models such as the 740, 742, and 7400, this gun features an updated buttstock to meet modern standards. The gun also comes with a lower monte-carlo comb that helps improve the eye-to-scope contact when you’re mounting the rifle.

The gun also features a custom black pistol grip cap to improve the shooter’s hold of the gun. The new forearm also features a semi-beavertail design. There are two finger grooves on either side of this rifle so you’ll find the forward taper of the Woodsmaster’s stock on the left hand once you’re ready to go out hunting.

Moreover, the Woodsmaster has enough checkering on the forearm and pistol grip giving it a more customized look. Instead of points, this Remington 750 model blends the old point pattern with the modern curves around every corner.

The modern accent checkering covers both the bottom and sides of the walnut forearm, making the gun even more comfortable to use with winter gloves on.

A Touch of Class

The Woodsmaster features a laser-engraved flying “R” to represent the manufacturer. You’ll find this engraving close to the upper quadrant of the modern curves. The forearm and buttstock of this hunting rifle feature a satin-sealed stylish walnut tone with a urethane finish.

The Remington 750 also maintains a similar profile to the 740,742, and 7400 models. The receiver gives the shooter a clear sighting plane if he chooses iron sights over optical sights.

The rifle features polished receivers that give the gun a smooth and deep blue finish. There’s a lot of engraving space of up to 15-square inches on either side of this rifle. This allows you to further customize the gun to your liking.

How It Works

While the Woodsmaster may have a very stylish look on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most, particularly for a semi-automatic like it.

Compared to previous Remington models, the Model 750 features an improved and redesigned interior that boosts the gun’s performance and accuracy. To prevent potential fouling, the designers moved the orifice 0.75-inches rearward.

This design also increases the reliability of feeding shots and enhancing the bolt velocity. The Model 750 also features a different barrel extension design that also improves the feeding reliability. The gun’s interior has a rotary-bolt design that’s reliable and works alongside the gas operation to make the gun very reliable when shooting.


One of the strongest features of the Model 750 is the trigger pull, which only breaks at 7-pounds. To improve the gun’s safety, there’s a cross-button installed behind the trigger guard. This locks the trigger when you push it to the right, and unlocks it when you push it to the left so you can fire your rifle.

The magazine is also detachable and holds four shots. You can also interchange this magazine with that of the Model 7400. The magazine features a bolt release on the left and a push forward drop that unlocks the bolt to release a round from the magazine.

Your hand and fingers will be safe from the forward motion of the bolt. The gun also comes with spare magazines.

Range Time

The Model 750 has a 22-inch standard and an 18.5-inch carbine-based rifle. The 22-inch rifle chambers the .243, .308, and .270 Winchesters, and the .30-06 Springfield. The 18-inch carbine rifle chambers the .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield. These produce an excellent result when using it to hunt prey like deer.

The Woodsmaster has a recoil that's more than that of the Browning BAR and less than that of the Benelli. The semi-auto gun is similar to other guns as it shoots minute angle groups.

This gun is more than enough to hunt medium to large game such as deer using the .30-caliber cartridges or heavier bullets. The .243 Winchester will be more suitable for shooting smaller game such as coyotes.


The Woodsmaster is a semi-automatic rifle that improves the shooter’s precision when hunting. It comes with an elegant finish and unquestionable reliability regardless of the outdoor conditions.

The gun also has safety features that you won’t get any injury from the gun’s recoil. Moreover, there’s a range of cartridges that you can use with the Woodsmaster. If you’re looking for a gun that’s suitable for hunting both small and large game, then the Remington 750 Woodsmaster is the ideal gun for you.

Best Choke Tubes for Slugs

Choke tube designs allow you to shape the spread of your shot once you pull the trigger on your shotgun. This allows you to improve the accuracy of your shots and get better range from your shotgun.

There are four main different types of choke tubes that you can install in two different ways. There are fixed choke tubes that are part of the shotgun barrel and screw-in chokes that you integrate into the gun barrel.

Since pellets spread in different directions, they’re safer to use with your shotgun. Conversely, slugs are primarily lead projectiles that resemble bullets. They don’t spread like pellets but create a powerful impact when hitting its target. There are specific choke tubes designed for use with slugs. This review provides a guide to choosing the best choke tubes for slugs.

Choke Tubes and Slugs

The different types of choke tubes used to control the pattern of your shots include the cylinder bore, improved cylinder choke, modified choke, and the full choke.

To improve the accuracy of your shots when using slugs, the cylinder and improved cylinder chokes are the best to use. If you’re a shotgun owner, you’ll know the difference between slugs and pellet shots as aforementioned.


When using slugs, you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of the choke tube in spreading pellet shots. However, you’ll have to look at the constriction of the choke on your shotgun.

Very constricted chokes like the full choke aren’t very safe to use with slugs. They can end up damaging the shotgun and cause you to hurt yourself. This is because slugs usually have a larger diameter than the constricted choke. Trying to shoot a slug out of such a small choke can lead to negative results.

It’s important to select a choke tube with little to no constriction. That’s why a cylinder or improved cylinder choke is ideal for use with slugs. These types of chokes have a large enough diameter to shoot slugs without damaging the shotgun barrel or causing harm to the person firing.

If you have a screw-in choke on your shotgun you can easily replace it with either a cylinder or improved cylinder choke. You can also switch between the choke tube that came with your shotgun and the one you would prefer using with slugs.

Accuracy and Damage

Using slugs helps to improve the accuracy and damage when shooting at targets. Unlike pellets that spread and increase the odds of hitting a moving target, it’s harder to hit such targets with a slug.

However, shooting slugs will deliver a deadly impact on the target if you can aim properly. This is the reason why slugs are more useful for home defense purposes than hunting.

When hunting, shooting slugs won’t provide the accuracy at a very long range. The bottom line is to avoid using constricted chokes on your shotgun when shooting slugs. You may end up getting a fatal wound.

Selecting Chokes for Slugs

The design of rifled choke tubes makes them ideal for using with sabot slugs. Theoretically, this type of choke tube increases the accuracy of shots by spinning slugs when you fire your shotgun.

However, there’s no clear evidence presented to support this theory. Some shooters believe that this type of choke helps to improve the accuracy and stability of the shot while some don’t, it’ll depend on the hunter’s personal preferences.

A majority of shotgun owners prefer using rifle choke tubes for long-range shooting. This is because of the rifled choke tube design. As mentioned before, it’ll depend on the preferences of the shooter. If you find that the cylinder or improved cylinder choke tube provides you with more accuracy then you can select it instead.

Top 5 Choke Tubes for Slugs

1. Carlson's 40040 Rifled Choke Tube

Manufactured from 304 high-stress stainless steel, the Carlsons 40040 Rifled Choke Tube is resistant to corrosion and rust. This ensures that this choke tube will last you for many years to come. This choke tube is suitable for Winchester, Browning, and Mossberg hunting shotguns.

The Carlsons 40040 is a 1 in 35 right-hand rifle twist with a groove diameter of 0.730-inches. This makes it suitable for 12-gauge shotguns and protrudes 0.625-inches to 1.3-inches from the end of the shotgun barrel. The length of protrusion will vary depending on the type of choke designed for a specific firearm.

This rifled choke tube improves the accuracy of shooting slugs because it features little to no constriction. Some reviewers say that they’ve managed to shoot targets from a range of up to 40-yards.


  • It's made of durable and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel.
  • It offers superior quality at a very affordable price.
  • It’s ideal for long-range shooting up to 40-yards.


  • The finish may wear out over time.

2. Remington Rem Choke Extended Tube

The Remington Rem Choke Tube is an extended choke tube that’s available in three different types of choke tubes. It comes with the improved cylinder, modified cylinder, and full choke tubes.

The Remington improved cylinder tube is ideal for slugs since it offers little to no constriction. This makes it easier for the shooter to shoot slugs without worrying about damaging the shotgun barrel as is the case with full choke tubes.

The choke tube is compatible with Remington 870 shotguns and offers an extra full 0.670-inches constriction. It’s also made of stainless steel ensuring that it can withstand corrosion and rust. You can use it under any weather condition without worrying about wear and tear. The construction also ensures that it’ll last you for a long time.

The Rem Choke Extended Tube is ideal for individuals who are on a budget. You can interchange the three different tubes if you wish to use both slugs and lead shots. However, the only downside to this extended choke tube is that it’s only compatible with lead shots.


  • It features a stainless-steel body that improves its durability.
  • It’s an extendable and interchangeable choke tube.
  • It’s very affordable for hunters on a budget.


  • It’s only compatible with lead shots.

3. Carlson’s 12-Gauge Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

The Carlson’s 12-Ga Sporting Clays Choke Tubes is available in 6 different variations. The tubes available include the full choke, cylinder, extra-full choke, improved cylinder, improved modified, and improved modified choke tubes.

Each of these different choke tubes come with different constricted sizes. The improved cylinder and cylinder choke tubes offer little constriction making them ideal for shooting slugs.

This choke tube fits 12-gauge shotguns such as the Beretta/Benelli Mobil. Made from 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel, the Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tube ensures its durability. The stainless-steel tube also features a non-glaze matte finish and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Also included in the package is a choke wrench to easily install and remove the tubes. The choke tube offers a great range for shooting targets from as far as 40-yards out. Unlike the Remington Rem Choke, this choke tube is compatible with a variety of shots including Lead, Nickle, Bismuth, Copperplated, and Hevi-Shot.


  • It’s compatible with Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12-gauge shotguns.
  • The stainless-steel body ensures this choke tube’s durability.
  • It comes in 6 different variations.
  • The constriction of the choke tube makes it ideal for long-range shooting.


  • This choke tube won’t fit all types of Benelli shotguns.

4. Patternmaster Anaconda Choke Tubes

The Patternmaster Anaconda Choke Tube is compatible with a variety of 12-gauge shotguns. These are the Benelli/Beretta Mobil, Browning Standard, Remington Rem Choke, and Mossberg shotguns. The choke tube has a Gas over Constriction Technology within its patented Coil Zone to harness the gas expelled while shooting slugs.

The improved cylinder choke tube provides a long shooting range of up to 40-yards. The coil zone channels spin in a negative twist to stabilize slugs and keep the tube tightly in the barrel. Moreover, the choke tube features a stainless-steel construction ensures that the tube will last you for many years to come.


  • The stainless-steel construction makes the tube durable.
  • It’s an affordable choke tube.
  • It’s compatible with a variety of shotguns.


  • There are no negative reviews yet for this product.

5. Carlson’s 20 Gauge Rifled Choke Tubes

The Carlson’s Rifled Choke Tube is compatible with Beretta/Benelli Mobil 20-Gauge tubes. Made of 304 high-stress steel with a black finish, the choke tube’s construction ensures that it can resist corrosion and rust. The rigid construction also ensures that it can withstand the wear and tear that comes with the consistent shooting of slugs.

Rifled choke tubes are suitable for slugs since they feature rifling on their interior to spin the slugs. This provides shooters with better accuracy and damage. The choke tube protrudes between 0.625 to 1.3-inches from the barrel end and improves smoothbore slug performance.


  • The stainless-steel construction makes it durable.
  • It improves the smoothbore slug performance.
  • It improves the accuracy and damage of slug shots.


  • The finish may wear out over time.

Rifled Chokes

There's little constriction offered to shotguns by rifled chokes. The interior of these chokes features rifling inside to allow the slugs to spin, providing better accuracy to the shooter. Using Foster-type slugs or sabot slugs will give your shotgun the most rotational stability. You should ensure that the rifled choke tubes are compatible with the smoothbore barrels.

Many rifled choke tubes are an extension of the shotgun barrel. Besides stabilizing the slug when it's leaving the barrel, this type of choke tube also protects the barrel's end. They can protrude between 0.625-inches to 1.3-inches from the end of the shotgun barrel but this length will vary with the type of firearm suitable for your choke tube.

Mostly made of stainless steel and coming with different finishes, rifled choke tubes are very durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. The material used also ensures that the tube can withstand the wear and tear that comes with constant use.

The preferred type of ammunition to use with rifled chokes include sabot and rifled slugs, but traditional slugs can also work well with this type of choke.

What are rifled choke tubes ideal for?

The rifled choke tube will be ideal for you depending on personal preferences, but they're mostly suitable for hunting deer and target practice. You should match your shotgun brand with the choke tube brand you select. For instance, there are specific choke tubes designed for use with Remington 870 shotguns and other 12-gauge shotguns.

These choke tubes are interchangeable so you don’t have to worry about changing hunting conditions. This allows you to easily and quickly interchange a rifled choke with another choke of suitable size. Anyone on a tight budget can also afford a rifled choke tube since they’re not very expensive and will last them for many years to come.

Why You Should Get a Choke Tube

Choke tubes alter the shot distribution as it leaves the shotgun barrel. The distribution of shots ensures that you can hit as many targets as possible making them suitable for shooting birds and clay pigeons. Choke tubes for slugs improve the accuracy of the shot and its impact on the target.

If you’re looking for a shotgun for home defense or looking to inflict maximum damage on your targets, then fitting a cylinder, improved cylinder, or rifled choke tube will be ideal. Interchangeable choke tubes allow the shooter to use different chokes on their shotguns.

It’s important to remember that choke tubes vary in size and thread depending on the manufacturer. Each gun manufacturer will have a choke tube that fits a specific gun whether it’s Benelli, Remington, Browning, Ruger, or Mossberg. Besides selecting a choke tube for slugs, select one that fits your gun.


For hunters looking to get some range, accuracy, and inflict maximum damage on their targets, choke tubes for slugs are ideal for them. Improved cylinder, cylinder choke, and rifled choke tubes are the best choke tubes for slugs. These choke tubes offer little constriction to provide stability when shooting. Depending on your preferences, you’ll find the best choke tube for slugs in this review.

Best Turkey Choke for Remington 870

You need to have the right hunting equipment when preparing for turkey season. Arming yourself with the right equipment will allow you to successfully hunt the challenging prey. The best turkey choke for your Remington 870 is one of the vital pieces of equipment you need to have with you before you head out.

Turkey chokes allow you to shape the spread of the pellets when shooting at the turkey. The pellet pattern created by turkey chokes allows you to effectively kill your prey. Read on to find out more about the different types of turkey chokes and their advantages that'll be suitable for your Remington 870 pump-action shotgun.

What to Look Out for When Getting a Turkey Choke

Getting a turkey choke for your Remington 870 pump-action shotgun will ensure that you get consistent and uniform shots. Besides, turkey chokes also ensure that the pellets have a dense pattern spread. You should look for the following when buying a turkey choke.


You should consider the range from which you plan to shoot the prey. Once you’ve determined the range ensure that you match it with the right pellet spread. The range and pellet spread will vary depending on the type of turkey choke you select. However, the minimum spread recommended is 12 pellets in the head and neck region of the turkey.

The more spread you get for the selected range the better. Experimenting with your Remington 870, different turkey chokes, and ammunition will enable you to find the best balance to meet your hunting needs.


The type of ammunition you select will affect the turkey choke’s performance. To get the best results from your turkey choke, you should try 2.75”, 3”, and 3.5” shotgun shells. These shells should be in #5 and #6 lead shots for optimal results. You can also try #4 shells too and see how they impact the choke's performance.

The shotgun shells selected above will give you velocities between 1,100-1400fps and shot charges ranging between 1.5-2oz. Federal’s Heavyweight and Hevi-Weight are some of the best non-toxic loads that you could use as ammunition. Unlike normal lead pellets, these use heavier shots but are quite expensive.

Top 5 turkey chokes for Remington 870

1. Primos Hunting TightWad Turkey Choke

The Primos Hunting Tightwad Turkey Choke will guarantee that you get a tight shooting group. You can use it for long-range shooting without losing the accuracy of your shots. This turkey choke is quite affordable to hunters on a budget and offers great quality for its price.

This turkey choke boasts of a compact and durable construction that will be a valuable addition to your Remington 870. The chrome alloy steel construction of the choke makes it rigid enough to withstand all the forces of shooting a gun. The choke features rounded ports that compensate for the recoil in the shotgun.

You can accurately shoot from a range of 45-yards with the Primos Tightwad. You don’t need any tools to fix or remove this choke since it features a knurled finish on its ends. This turkey choke comes with variants to suit 20-gauge and other shotgun brands besides the Remington 870.


  • The knurled finishes make it easy to fix and remove.

  • The steel construction makes it durable and sturdy.

  • It’s affordable for hunters on a budget.

  • It's ideal for long-range shooting, above 45-yards.


  • The finish may wear out over time.

2. Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tube

The Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tube features a high-quality steel construction that makes it one of the most durable turkey chokes on the market. The improved durability ensures that the choke can handle all the round you fire from your Remington 870. You don’t have to worry about its performance dropping, even after firing more than 100 rounds. It’ll remain consistent and accurate.

The manufacturer designed this turkey choke with the precision to hold hybrid and lead-heavy loads with #4 to #8 shot sizes. You can get a range of between 40-yards to 50-yards with the Black Diamond Strike Choke Tube. Your shots will remain accurate with these long shots. The pattern density of your pellets improves by 40% when using this choke.

The durability of this choke makes it ideal for turkey hunters looking for a long-term solution to their choke tubes. Expect to get tight shooting groups and improved accuracy of shots with this choke installed on your Remington 870 shotgun.


  • The choke features durable construction.

  • It provides tight shooting groups over a long-range (40-50 yards).

  • You don’t need any additional fittings to fix it on a Remington 870.

  • It improves the pellet pattern density by 40% or more.


  • There are no negative reviews yet for this product.

3. Carlson’s Long Beard Turkey Choke Tubes

The Carlson’s Long Beard Choke Tube is ideal for turkey hunters looking to get some range on their shots. The range on this turkey choke ensures that you also get accurate shots from farther out. Winchester Long Beard Turkey loads use Shot-Lok technology to produce dense patterns on long ranges.

Made of 17-4 stainless steel the turkey choke from Carlson can withstand all the forces within the shotgun muzzle. The ported choke reduces shotgun recoil and is ideal for .660 constriction Remington shotguns, such as the 870. The choke is also quite affordable and improves the precision of your shots when turkey hunting.


  • It’s made of durable and rigid stainless steel.

  • It offers superior quality at an affordable price.

  • This is a suitable choke tube for long-range turkey shooting.

  • The choke produces a dense pellet pattern.


  • It may be necessary to tighten it up using a tool when fixing it on your shotgun.

4. Primos 69405 Jelly Head Mag Lure

The Primos 69405 is also a great choke tube for long-range turkey shooting. You can still get tighter shooting groups with increasing distances. This makes it ideal for turkey hunters who would want more accuracy when shooting from farther away. Fixing this turkey choke on your Remington 870 will give you a range of 40- to 60-yards.

The Jelly Head Mag Lure is a 12-gauge choke tube that features an extended taper and fluted ports. These features help in improving pellet spread patterns by 20% besides reducing the recoil when shooting. It has a black coating that prevents any rusting or corrosion. This choke will consistently provide any turkey hunter with the cleanest shots.


  • It produces dense pellet patterns and reduces shotgun recoil.

  • It’s easy to install and remove.

  • It features durable construction.

  • It provides accuracy for long-range turkey shooting.

  • It’s tough and resistant to corrosion and rust.


  • You may need to tighten this choke occasionally.

5. Hunter Specialties Undertaker Shotgun Choke Tube

The Hunter Specialties is a very affordable choke tube that boasts of durability and tighter shooting groups. It provides a range of between 30- to 40-yards, which isn’t much when compared to the other choke tubes in this list.

The long choke tube with a blued finish ensures that it can resist wear and tear. The steel construction ensures that this choke will last you for the longest time.

For maximum shot constriction, the Undertaker Shotgun is 3-inches long with a 2-inch choke area. The choke tube end features knurled double ridges that improve the grip required when fitting or removing.


  • It’s affordable for hunters on a tight budget.

  • It’s easy to install and remove.

  • It has a long choke length and improves shot constriction.

  • Suitable for Remington 870 and other 20-gauge shotguns.


  • It doesn't feature any portholes.

What is a Turkey Choke?

Turkey chokes are cylindrical tubes that you screw at the end of the shotgun’s barrel. The choke allows you to constrict the shot as it leaves the muzzle. It’s easy to change one turkey choke for another, but you may find some guns that come with fixed chokes.

As aforementioned, the chokes constrict your shot to make it very effective when hunting turkey. Besides reducing the spread of the pellets, the choke also reduces the recoil on your Remington 870 pump-action shotgun. Selecting the right shotgun ammunition and turkey choke can improve the effectiveness of the pellet spread when killing a turkey.

With this, you can get more accurate shots at the range you need. Since the choke constricts the shot, it makes the pellet spread pattern denser. This ensures that the hunter can accurately aim and hit the turkey’s head and neck area for a fast kill.

The Different Types of Turkey Chokes

There are different types of turkey chokes available on the market. Each of these different chokes come with certain advantages over the other. Most choke tube manufacturers produce one or more of these turkey chokes.

1. Cylinder Bore Turkey Choke

The cylinder bore, or simply cylinder turkey choke provides a 30-35% pellet pattern density. This type of choke is suitable for Foster-style slugs and self-defense shotguns.

2. Improved Cylinder Choke

The improved cylinder choke provides a 40-45% pellet pattern density. This turkey choke is also suitable for self-defense, hunting for upland birds hiding in heavy cover, and trap/skeet shooting.

3. Modified Choke

The modified choke is a versatile turkey choke that provides a 50-55% pellet pattern density. Like the improved cylinder choke, it’s also ideal for trap/skeet shooting and upland bird hunting. This turkey choke is also suitable for waterfowl using non-toxic steels.

4. Full Choke

The full choke provides a 70-75% pellet pattern density at a range of 40-yards. It features the tightest constriction of the shots, which makes it the most accurate type of turkey choke. The pattern spread on this type is dense enough to ensure the pellets don’t spread wide as is the case on other types like the cylinder bore choke.

The range used to calculate the effectiveness of all turkey choke types is 40-yards. However, the full choke has a longer range than 40-yards. The number of pellets in your shell will determine how far you can shoot with this type of choke.

The full choke can give you a range of up to 60-yards. The full choke is ideal for hunting upland birds such as turkey, pheasants, and prairie grouse using high-grade ammo.

5. Extra Full Choke

The extra full choke provides a pellet pattern density above 75%. It offers a denser pattern spread making it very effective in hunting turkey using lead or non-toxic shells. However, one shouldn’t use this type of turkey choke with steel shots.

Why Turkey Chokes are Important

Many hunters will find turkey chokes to be very effective when hunting turkey. Having one will increase the chances of success when turkey hunting. Some of the reasons that make turkey chokes very important in hunting include:

Reduces Shotgun Recoil

Having a gun with recoil can reduce the accuracy of your shots since you won’t have firm control over your gun. Turkey chokes can help in reducing the shotgun recoil, allowing you to retain firm control over the gun. With the reduced recoil, you can get smoother shots.

Improved Shooting Accuracy

All hunters desire to have tighter shooting groups since it helps improve the accuracy of their shots. Turkey chokes constrict shots, reducing the spread of pellets. This gives you consistent and cleaner shots when hunting turkey.

Easy to Fit

It doesn't take long to fix a turkey choke at the end of your shotgun's muzzle making it easy to fit. Besides, you'll immediately notice the difference since your gun will start delivering tight and clean shots to successfully kill a turkey.


Turkey chokes are suitable for hunters who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their shots, even while shooting from farther out. Besides providing tighter shooting groups for the cleanest shots, choke tubes also help in reducing shotgun recoils. Whether you’re looking for consistency, uniformity or pattern density, you’ll find a turkey choke in this list that works excellently with your Remington 870 shotgun.

Nomad Hunting Gear Review

Hunting season is nigh and it’s going to be especially important that you equip yourself with the right hunting gear. While the recipe for a successful hunt may include having a good rifle with high-quality ammunition, you also need to have the right hunting gear. The right gear can make your hunting safer, successful, and more fun.

You must be prepared for any weather condition whenever you head out into the woods or fields to hunt. Equip yourself with the appropriate hunting gear so that you can effectively tackle cold mornings, hot days, and rainy afternoons. Having the right gear can help you to successfully get through your hunting regardless of the existing conditions.

The great demand for hunting gear has forced companies in this industry to design apparel to suit every hunter’s demands. Nomad Performance Apparels is one such company that provides hunters with the most authentic hunting gear. This Nomad hunting gear review will help you choose the right gear to make you a more efficient hunter.

Nomad Hunting Gear

According to Nomad’s website, the mission of this hunting gear company is to design hunting apparel that’s innovative and authentic enough to inspire communities to experience and protect hunting traditions. Moreover, they design their hunting apparel to empower every hunter on their next hunting expedition.

This high-quality and high-end hunting apparel designed by Nomad should appeal to hunters who value performance and are willing to pay the price. Nomad categorizes its apparel into four main groups that include Big Game, Whitetail, Elevated Whitetail, and Turkey.

All these categories have hunting gear for women, men, and children. Each of the hunting gear created by Nomad uses Realtree, Kryptek, and Mossy Oak camouflage patterns. Moreover, the Big Game clothing apparel uses Nomad’s proprietary Veil Cervidae camouflage pattern.

Major Qualities of Nomad Hunting Gear

Besides using high-quality fabric, Nomad hunting gear also come with certain qualities that’ll make your hunt more comfortable and better. Some of the major qualities include:

1. Base Layers

There's a lot of uncertainty in the weather whenever one goes out for a hunt. The temperatures particularly tend to fluctuate a lot when you’re out in the field or woods. That’s why it’s important to dress in layers to ensure that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Nomad’s base layers use moisture-wicking technology to keep your skin dry throughout the hunting session. The base layer also features Nomad’s SilverZ technology that removes body odor through anti-microbial technology.

Using zeolite, the base layers also trap in your smell to keep you hidden while hunting. Moreover, the base layers improve your stealth by keeping noise to a minimum.

Among the base layer apparel provided by Nomad for all year use include the Nomad Heartwood Top and the Nomad Heartwood Bottom. The Heartwood Top is a warm-weather base layer designed for superior comfort. The Nomad Heartwood Bottom keeps the hunter comfortable, suppresses their scent, and minimizes noises while moving.

2. Camouflage

Every hunting gear has to have camouflage to allow the hunter to remain hidden. Nomad designs apparel with camo patterns that allow every hunter to blend into their surroundings. Some of the camo patterns that Nomad apparels come with include Mossy Oak, Banshee, Realtree, and Kryptek.

3. Durability and Stretchy

Whether you’re looking to get yourself a hunting t-shirt, long-johns, jackets, or base layers, they all have to be comfortable. Nomad designs its apparel using high-quality fabrics that ensure they’ll last you through several hunting trips. The fabric used is also stretchable to give you enough freedom to move around whether you’re walking or sitting.

4. Designed for Outdoor Conditions

Nomad features a variety of hunting gear designed to be suitable for wearing in different climatic conditions. Dressing for the weather when heading out to hunt is a no-brainer for any professional hunter.

However, if you’re a beginner be sure to select the appropriate hunting gear before going out. Besides, Nomad designs their hunting gear to last you all year round.

5. Safety and Practicality

Nomad's whitetail hunting gear features a bright orange color in their design for safety purposes. This allows other hunters to easily locate you and prevent any accidental shooting from happening. Bright orange color isn’t also very visible to deer.

Moreover, the hunting gear allows for practicality since they're waterproof, non-reflective, and help improve camouflage through its scent removal and noise reduction technologies.


There’s a variety of Nomad Hunting Gear ranging from jackets, base layers, t-shirts, and caps among others designed to improve your hunting experience. All hunting gears from Nomad come with camouflage, provide comfort and durability, and ensure you can wear them all year long.

The gear also comes with safety features and is practical for you to wear in any weather. Go over to the Nomad Outdoor website and start preparing yourself for the next hunting season.

Camillus Titanium Knife Review

Camillus Cutlery is one of the oldest knives producing companies in the US. The company traces its origins in 1876 when they produced their first knife. After producing millions of knives, the company closed shop in 2007 after filing for bankruptcy. Luckily enough, Acme United Corporation bought the Camillus brand and relaunched it in 2009.

Since the relaunch, Camillus re-entered the market with titanium knives instead of those made from steel. Titanium knives are quite popular among users because they’re lighter and more resistant to corrosion than steel knives. Titanium is also a hard material that won’t get damaged easily when used.

The Camillus Titanium coated knives are very suitable for hunting and survival. These knives hold up well under heavy use and are quite resilient to the elements. You can get either a fixed blade of folding knife from Camillus depending on how you want to use the knives. Here’s a detailed review of Camillus Titanium Knives to help you make the right choice.

Camillus Titanium Folding Knives

The Camillus Titanium Folding Knife is among the best-selling products ever produced by this brand. Folding knives are convenient to carry with you whenever you’re going out for camping or fishing. The lightness of the Titanium used makes folding knives the most ideal pocket knives. Among the best Camillus Titanium Folding knives is the Camillus CUDA Sarkis.

#1. Camillus CUDA Sarkis Titanium Folding Knife

The Camillus CUDA Sarkis is a Titanium folding knife made of a durable, corrosion-resistant, and tough AUS-8 Japanese steel. The blade also has a Carbonitride Titanium coating that protects the surface from damage and stains, besides improving its overall functionality.

The medium-carbon and high-chromium AUS-8 Japanese steel gives you a well-balanced knife with a good edge and built to last. The durable titanium knife is also resistant to corrosion and rust. Moreover, AUS-8 steel is a hard alloy that makes the Camillus CUDA blade ideal for all kinds of use. This knife also comes with a rubber back handle that features a lanyard hole to provide the strongest of grips when handling it.

This Camillus Folding Knife's main strength lies in the solid design that gives it great functionality. When compared to other folding knives, it’s not very aesthetic in its design. However, the ergonomic design makes it durable and tough to withstand any type of use.


  • The AUS-8 Japanese steel used to make the blade is durable and solid.

  • The ergonomic design of this blade makes it ideal for heavy-duty use.

  • The titanium coating protects the blade from damage and stains.

  • The rubber blade provides the strongest grip.


  • This folding knife can be quite expensive compared to other available options.

#2. Camillus Blaze Folder Titanium Folding Knife

The Camillus Blaze Titanium Folding Knife features a D2 stainless steel blade. The semi-stainless steel also contains 12% of chromium to make it resistant to corrosion and gives it excellent edge retention.

This folding knife also features an ergonomic handle made of resin-soaked fiberglass layers. This makes the knife suitable for use under different climatic conditions.

The Carbonitride Titanium coating protects the blade surface from damage and stains. The coating also makes the blade highly resistant to tape, Velcro, and other adhesive substances such as sap.


  • The fiberglass handle is impervious to moisture.

  • D2 stainless steel is durable and solid.

  • The titanium coating protects the blade from damage and stains.

  • The blade-style improves the knife’s slicing and chopping usability.


  • Similar to the Camillus CUDA, this folding knife is rather expensive.

Camillus Titanium Fixed Blade Knives

Compared to folding blade knives, fixed blade knives feature blades that you can’t fold down. They’re sometimes called sheath knives because you have to sheath the blades when storing, instead of having to fold it down. Camillus Titanium Fixed Blade knives can be stronger than their foldable counterparts because the blade runs through the handle.

However, folding blades are much easier to carry than fixed blade knives. The reduced length allows you to carry the folded knife in a carrying case or your pocket. Fixed blade knives also pose a safety concern to children and the inexperienced user when they get out of position.

#3. Camillus Survivorman Les Stroud SK Fixed Blade Survival Knife

The Camillus Survivorman Titanium Fixed Blade Knife is an all-purpose knife that uses a non-stick drop point blade. The blade's shape makes it ideal for carving, skinning and cutting. The partially serrated blade makes the knife sturdy enough to cut through different products.

This fixed blade knife features a titanium bonded 440 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance and durability. The blade extends throughout the handle to provide extra cutting strength and to support the more rigid handle.


  • The titanium coated blade improves corrosion resistance and the blade’s durability.

  • The knurled steel pommel handle provides a solid and balanced grip.

  • The 440 stainless steel provides an edge that’s easy to re-sharpen.

  • It’s the ultimate survival knife.


  • The flashlight that comes with the knife isn’t very bright.

#4. Camillus Animal Fixed Blade Knife

The Camillus Animal features a Carbonitride Titanium bonded 440 stainless steel with a full tang. The full tang blade gives a more rigid handle to give one the proper strength and support for cutting. It also has a nice and smooth blade edge that makes it ideal for hunting and skinning. It has a black glass-filled nylon and rubber handle for a solid and balanced grip.


  • This knife features a tough and lightweight design.

  • The full tang feature provides strength to the cutting blade.

  • It’s suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

  • The smooth blade edge makes it suitable for hunting/skinning.


  • The tang isn’t comfortable and may stick into your hand.


Camillus Titanium knives provide hunting enthusiasts with the most durable and tough blades for different applications. The titanium coating used on these knives makes them lighter, sturdier and resistant to stains. The highly durable blades will ensure that the next hunting expedition will be complete with the Camillus Titanium knives.

Benelli Nova vs Supernova

Since the invention of guns, it’s been an arms race between gun manufacturers as they try to outdo each other. Through proprietary designs and technological development, it’s been possible for manufacturers to produce powerful guns to meet different demands. There are many uses for these guns including for tactical and hunting purposes.

One manufacturer who’s in the production of hunting guns is Benelli. The manufacturer introduced the Benelli Nova and the more advanced variant of the same gun, the Benelli Supernova in 2009.

Both guns are pump-action shotguns, famous for their use in hunting and self-defense. Though these guns have similar features, there are also striking differences between them.

Benelli Nova

The Benelli Nova is a pump-action shotgun that's used for hunting and tactical purposes. This gun’s feature that makes it stand out is the innovative one-piece lightweight receiver and buttstock. The heavy-duty steel-reinforced polymer receiver and buttstock are resistant to weather and scratching.

The gun measures between 45.5-inches to 49.5-inches long and when unloaded it weighs only 8.0-pounds. There’s a hunting and tactical model available for the Benelli Nova.

Benelli Nova’s hunting model features a barrel and sight configuration to make it more suitable for hunting and skeet shooting. The rifled and smoothbore barrel is available in different lengths ranging between 24-inches to 28-inches. You can get this model in both camouflage and matte finishes. The hunting model is available in either 12-gauge or 20-gauge.

Conversely, the tactical model features an 18.5-inch smoothbore barrel with rifle sights. This makes it more effective than the hunting model and as a self-defense weapon. However, it’s not very accurate for long-range shots. There’s only a 12-gauge available for the tactical model.

Specific Features of the Nova

The Nova features double-action bars that come with locking rotary bolt heads. These are compatible with target loads ranging from the 12-gauge to the 20-gauge shotshell. It also comes with a full choke tube and a sighting mechanism with a silver bead at the vent rib’s center. Along with a fiber optic sighting, the Nova is great to use in any background.

Nonetheless, the gun’s ghost ring sight isn’t very suitable for wing shooting. The gun also comes with a forearm equipped with a button to stop magazine feeds when pressed. It’s also quite affordable and comes with a lot of interesting features.

Benelli Supernova

A variant of the Nova, the Supernova’s feature that makes it stand out is the one-piece receiver and interchangeable stock with a shim kit. Similar to the Nova, this gun is resistant to the weather due to the polymer-coated steel framing. The gun weighs between 7.2-inches to 8-pounds and measures between 40-inches to 49.5-inches long.

The Benelli Supernova is available in three different models. These are the ComforTech, the SteadyGrip, and Tactical models. The Supernova with ComforTech is best suited for hunting because of the different barrel and sight configurations.

Similar to the Nova, this hunting model of the Supernova comes with either a rifled or smoothbore barrel. The ComforTech also comes with five types of chokes and lengths ranging between 24-inches to 28-inches.

The SteadyGrip model’s design helps improve the gun’s steadiness when taking a shot. The model only comes with a 24-inch barrel. The Tactical is the self-defense model of the Supernova and it comes with a ghost-ring sight and an 18-inch or 14-inch barrel.

Specific Features of the Supernova

The Supernova comes with a large angular trigger pull. This spaciousness makes it ideal for using it with a gloved hand. The fore-end of this gun also features a push-button that also stops the magazine feed when pressed. A semi-rotary bolt head makes it easy for one to unlock this gun.

Left-hand shooters will find the Supernova suitable for them since it has a reversible safety. You can also switch between the three different stocks using the modular stock system.

Women find this gun comfortable because of its recoil dropping capability. The Supernova also features a double-action bar like the Nova model. You can also break it down for ease of cleaning.

Differences Between the Benelli Nova and Supernova

The Nova and Supernova have different stock and trigger guards. This is the major difference between these variants. The Supernova features a wider stock and a large trigger guard.

The spacious trigger guard allows you to pull the trigger with a lot of ease. Moreover, the elegantly designed Supernova features an ergonomic receiver that comes with a shim kit for more accurate fitting.

Conversely, the Nova comes with a single receiver and stock that makes it less flexible and adaptable than the Supernova. With the Supernova, you’re free to change stocks anytime you want. However, both guns have great handling and similar recoil management, although the recoil varies with each stock model.

Price Difference

The Nova and Supernova also vary in prices, with the latter Benelli model costing more. The cheapest Nova model costs around $419, while the Supernova costs $499. Conversely, the most expensive Nova costs $669, whereas the Supernova costs $929.

Generally, Benelli products aren’t that cheap. However, with the Nova and Supernova model, pump-action shotguns are more accessible. With less than $500 you can get yourself a decent hunting shotgun.


It’s possible to customize these two guns but the Supernova is easier to modify than the Nova because of its design. The accessories used for these two guns aren’t equal. There are specific accessories for the Nova and Supernova as well as for the 12-gauge and 20-gauge variations of these models.


Hunting enthusiasts can easily get the Nova and Supernova guns because they're quite cheap compared to other brands available in the market. If one is looking for a versatile and more powerful gun, then the Supernova is the best for them. It's easily customizable and has great features.

The Nova is also a good hunting gun that you can use with a variety of target loads. You can choose a gun that has the specific features you’re looking for.

Is it Safe to Eat Wild Rabbit?

There are plenty of wild rabbits in nature with numerous places around the world being overpopulated with them. When it comes to hunting season, most hunters go for rabbits due to their large numbers. While it may be tasty, it’s important to take necessary precautions before eating it or coming into contact with uncooked wild rabbit meat.

Take a minute to inspect the meat to ensure that it’s healthy. This is a necessary step because most wild rabbits carry Tularemia, a disease that can be transmitted to humans through contact with infected animal tissue, including blood.

What kind of rabbits can you eat?

Rabbit meat is consumed a lot around the globe. People use it to make delicious stews, soups, and barbecues. There are lots of rabbit breeds for meat that’s suitable for consumption for both kids and adults. Rabbits can be easily bred and it’s very economical to maintain them.

Rabbit meat is categorized as white meat that’s considered safe for people ailing from different diseases and those looking to reduce the fats on their bodies. People who have hypertension can also take rabbit meat because it has a lower sodium content.

The United States has 16 different species of wild rabbits but the most common one is the eastern cottontail rabbit. This rabbit has a very short lifespan since they fall prey to many predators in the wild. To increase their chances of survival, wild rabbits have up to five litters of bunny each year helping to keep their population up.

Eastern cottontail rabbit

Eastern cottontail rabbit is the most common species of the cottontail rabbit. The eastern cottontail rabbits range from gray to reddish-brown, but their “cotton ball” tail makes them distinctive, hence the name. They can be found in the United States from the East Coast to the Great Plains.

Their habitats are usually on open spaces such as meadows, farms, and fields. They can also adopt other habitats including those inhabited by humans. They're nocturnal and come out to feed on grasses, herbs, and garden fares such as lettuce and peas.

They feed on twigs, barks, and buds during winter. In the daytime, these rabbits are often hidden in vegetation and flee if spotted. They can reach speeds of up to 18 miles an hour when fleeing.

This rabbit species’ bunnies have a very low chance of survival since they give birth in shallow ground nests. However, they keep their populations up by breeding 3 to 4 times annually and produce up to 8 bunnies every time.

Bunnies grow quickly and can survive by themselves after only five weeks. Farmers can find these rabbits to be problematic due to their large numbers. The eastern cottontail is also the most hunted rabbit species in the United States.


Most beginners would think that there’s no specific time of year to hunt rabbits. However, the best time to hunt for rabbits is during the winter. This is because the cold weather won’t allow the breeding of parasites on the rabbit’s corpse.

This is unlike during the summer when the weather is warm making rabbits great hosts for ticks, lice, fleas, mites, and more. Hunting for rabbits during the winter will ensure your meat isn’t contaminated with parasites and bugs that would otherwise set up shop on the dead rabbit’s corpse.

The “wolf worm” is a parasite that’s found underneath the skin of wild rabbits. Hunting during the rabbit season will help avoid ingesting these parasites.

When is the rabbit season in Missouri?

The rabbit season in Missouri runs from October 1 through February 15 of the following year. The most common of the two rabbit species that can be found in Missouri is the eastern cottontail. This species provides a fun and challenging hunting experience and is well-distributed throughout the state.

The Missouri Department of Conservation places the daily limit of rabbits hunted to six, with 2 being swamp rabbits. The possession limit is also capped at 12 rabbits with 4 being swamp rabbits.

When is the rabbit season in Indiana?

The eastern cottontail rabbit is the common rabbit species throughout Indiana. Indiana’s rabbit season runs from November 1 through February 28 of the following year. There’s a hunting license required when hunting rabbits unless you meet a license exemption.

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the hunting hours can vary by property depending on the Fish & Wildlife area. There are no restrictions when it comes to the equipment or ammunition used for hunting rabbits. However, it’s illegal to use a ferret to remove a rabbit from a den, tree hollow, or hole.

When is the rabbit season in Georgia?

The rabbit season in Georgia runs from November 16 to February 28 of the following year. The limit of rabbits you can hunt in a day is set at twelve. A hunting license is required in Georgia.

There are several options for getting a hunting license and permit either through a licensed agent, over the phone, or on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website. Non-residents and residents also have the option of applying for special permits and licenses online.

When is it safe to eat a wild rabbit?

“Only shoot a rabbit in a month with an ‘R’ in it” is a quote that’s commonly used by the hunting community. Francisella tularensis (Tularemia) or rabbit fever is a disease that’s transmitted to rabbits through the bite of an infected deer fly or tick.

Infected rabbits can die within a few months of being infected. There are fewer and less active ticks during cold months reducing the risk of infection. Therefore, the safest time for one to eat rabbit meat will be during the colder months.


Various rabbit breeds can be hunted for their meat but the most common species is the eastern cottontail. This species is found in most states whose rabbit hunting seasons lie in the cold months between October to February. This is mostly to reduce the risk of infection with rabbit fever. Wild rabbit meat should also be handled with care to prevent blood and tissue from contacting their skin.